Top Four Yoga Tattoos

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Several yoga tattoos exist, and many yoga instructors have tattoos as well. They all have meanings, and the instructors that chose to be inked with such beauty did so for a reason. I will point out the top four yoga tattoos, pointing out the meaning behind each one.

#1 Peacock tattoo

The peacock tattoo is beautiful, and there is a yoga pose (asana) called the peacock pose. This interesting bird is a symbol of an esteemed status in Chinese symbolism. In Buddhism the peacock symbolizes extensive awareness. Furthermore, in Christianity the peacock's circles or "eyes" within the feathers of the tail stand for the eyes of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit watching over faithful believers.

Carol Tessitore, a yoga instructor, displays her peacock tattoo and says that it is representative of personality -- at once "showy" and "skittish." Believe it or not, this work of art cost over 2,000 dollars and took more than 25 hours to complete.

#2 Lotus flower tattoo

First and foremost, the lotus is a plant within the water lily family, and in Greek mythology the lotus flower is said to cause a marvelous and bewitching forgetfulness upon eating it. The lotus flower also represents purity and divine birth. Different colors have different meanings. The white lotus is symbolic of a complete purity of ones mental state, as well as spiritual completeness. The red lotus stands for love and passion. The blue lotus is said to represent control over the senses and the ability to comprehend. The pink flower is the greatest of all lotuses, usually kept for the most godlike in Buddhism. Last but not least, the purple lotus is considered mystical.

Lula Trainor, another yoga practitioner, has the lotus tattooed on her chest and says, "It attracted me because it grows in muddy dark water and emerges into the light, and I thought that would be kind of cool."

#3 Yin Yang tattoo

In Chinese Yin Yang stand for flattering forces of nature, such as fire and water, representing how one is not supreme over the other. There are several varieties of Yin Yang tattoos that one can choose to get.

#4 Elephant tattoo

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