The Ultimate Beginner-Friendly Yoga Sequence

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The Ultimate Beginner-Friendly Yoga Sequence

When you're brand new to yoga, heading to a studio for hands-on instruction and expert supervision is the best way to build a safe and strong practice. With that said, if you're a little intimidated at the idea of your first class, we don't blame you. If you relate, this ultrabeginner sequence is designed with you in mind. It includes some of the most common poses you will see at any Vinyasa-style yoga class and will teach you how to transition from one yoga pose to the next. After moving through this sequence, you'll feel more confident before stepping into the studio for your first time.

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The most important pose to have under your belt before your first yoga class? The oh-so-relaxing Child's Pose, of course! Child's Pose is the perfect place to reconnect with your breath and give your body a moment to recoup. Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed during class or your breathing feels shallow or harried, drop your knees, and hang out in Child's Pose for a few deep breaths. It will change everything.

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You'll be asked to step back to this upside-down V shape all the time during class! It will feel very active and difficult in the beginning, but with time and practice, you'll come to experience it as a resting pose. Do your best to let your arms and legs equally share the weight of your body. It's your best bet to feel stabler and more comfortable in Downward Facing Dog.

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Standing Forward Bend is another pose that looks like it's all relaxation, but you will feel a deep and intense stretch in your hamstrings and upper back. While the full expression of the pose calls for straight legs, if that feels like too much on your body, give a little bend to your knees to create more space.

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The Ultimate Beginner-Friendly Yoga Sequence

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