Men urged to embrace yoga

Posted: June 14, 2012 at 5:19 am

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Regular attendees become "yogis" IAN ALLEN


Yogi Blair: Blair Bavin gets yoga instruction from Trudy Hennessy at the Spring Creek Class

A Springlands woman is answering the call of wives and girlfriends in Marlborough by encouraging their men to get off the couch and on to a yoga mat.

Trudy Hennessy, of The Yoga Room, is starting a men-only yoga class after receiving phone calls from women complaining about their partners' bad backs and general inflexibility.

The five-week course, at Spring Creek Community Centre in Ferry Rd, starts on Wednesday, June 27.

Ms Hennessy said each session was a full-body, cardiovascular workout.

There were lots of ways to practise yoga, she said.

"Each personal teacher brings a different style to yoga and I bring an energetic style. People are blown away. It's pretty challenging and people are overwhelmed by the results. Especially when they take it into the functional world and apply it to their sporting activities like running or cycling."

People had faster rates of recovery and increased endurance levels, she said.

Men urged to embrace yoga

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