Hazleton woman's yoga challenge hits 400

Posted: June 11, 2012 at 3:14 pm

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After 40 days, there was no going back for Dina Stewart.

The Hazleton woman enrolled in a 40-Day Yoga Challenge last year, and on her final day of the challenge, she realized she didn't want to give it up.

"At the end of the 40 days, I knew that I had grown so much that I was afraid that if I stopped, I'd have to start all over," she said.

Day in, day out - and as early as 4:30 a.m. on most days - Stewart continued her yoga, blending physical exercises with meditation.

She hoped to reach 50 days, then 60, and at some point, she decided to just keep going.

She reached a milestone today, having logged yoga practice every day for the last 400.

"It's just amazing - the transformation. I am just a lot different than I was 400 days ago," she said.

Her life has changed - from the way she brushes her teeth to the way she interacts with people. She's more conscious and knows her mind, body and spirit are united, she said.

"I am more relaxed," Stewart said. "I try to live my yoga practice. I try to bring it out into my life. I try to be less reactive, more compassionate, and just stronger physically and mentally."

Realizing its capability to change lives for the better, she decided she'd like to introduce youngsters - like her daughter, Althea, 7 - to yoga. Stewart trained to become a certified ChildLight yoga instructor, and took her training a step further when she enrolled in the Always at Aum Yoga School in New York to become an adult trainer.

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Hazleton woman's yoga challenge hits 400

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