Fan Reaction: Should Yoga Be an Olympic Sport?

Posted: May 28, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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Yoga has already turned competitive, and the National Yoga Asana Championship was held on March 2-4. Still, many want yoga to turn into an Olympic sport, such as USA Yoga and the Yoga Federation. The Yoga Federation is requesting that the International Olympic committee think about adding yoga to the Olympic games.

Many don't like the idea of yoga being competitive since it originally was meant to be relaxing and noncompetitive.

I feel that yoga would make a great addition to the Olympic sports for the following reasons:

Judging is done on the yoga poses (asanas) alone

Those who chose to compete will be judged on the postures rather than any spiritual aspect of yoga. In this sense, yoga is no different than competing for points in gymnastics, figure skating or any other sport.

Yoga would make a great Olympic sport to watch

Just as it is appealing to watch those who have mastered swimming, basketball and other such sports, it is intriguing to view those who have perfected the art of yoga with grace, flexibility and strength.

Yoga will be recognized as a sport rather than a form of exercise

Many people do not view yoga as a sport but rather as a form of exercise. Yoga can be very relaxing, but certain poses can be very challenging as well. It would be great for it to be recognized as an actual sport since it requires strength, flexibility, concentration and discipline. Mastering poses can be just as challenging as mastering any other sport.

It would break the stigma that yoga is only for women

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Fan Reaction: Should Yoga Be an Olympic Sport?

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