Fan Reaction: Is it Dangerous for Christians to Practice Yoga?

Posted: May 29, 2012 at 8:14 am

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Some people think that Christians shouldn't practice yoga. One article tells of how dangerous it is to participate in the following:




Native American dream catchers

They article tells of how participating in these things opens doors to spirits and puts the participant in danger. While I agree that Christians should not engage in hypnosis and astrology, I highly disagree with yoga being harmful to Christians. I will highlight four reasons why I believe yoga to be safe for everyone, including Christians.

#1 Many Christians participate in yoga

In two of my previous articles I wrote about Holy Yoga for Christians and yoga raves, both of which are centered around Christianity. Not all Christians believe it is wrong to enjoy yoga, myself included.

#2 Yoga is only a spiritual or religious act if you choose to make one

One does not have to engage in the religion in which yoga originated in order to enjoy the poses (asanas). Meditation is not even necessary when practicing yoga. Asanas are an excellent way to relax the mind and body, become more flexible and build muscle. Nothing about that invites evil spirits into ones life. The author of the article that says yoga shouldn't be practiced by Christians states, "A person may enter into a seance or hypnosis or yoga with innocent motives. That doesn't solve the problem. When you open a door to spirits, you place yourself in harm's way....unless you are turning to the Holy Spirit. No born again believer should utilize yoga or hypnosis because of the spiritual dangers associated with these practices." I highly disagree with this mindset and feel that is very narrow minded. Yoga doesn't invite evil spirits into a person's life or home, playing with a Ouija board does.

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Fan Reaction: Is it Dangerous for Christians to Practice Yoga?

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