Bikram Yoga 2.0 – The Collective Dream Has Arrived

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Santa Barbara, California (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

A growing group of experienced teachers and hot yoga studio owners are coming together to offer a true alternative to Bikram's yoga teacher training. TheHotTT is an 8 week, 500 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training where students will learn to teach the Primary Hot Yoga Series (26+2), in an intense, challenging and inspiring training environment, without the associated attachments.

This is about unifying studios and teachers, and continuing the series with greater attention to training than Bikram has ever provided. It is a collective offering from a branch of the yoga community that often finds itself divided. Experienced, like minded, trainers will come and go within the 8 week period, teaching and leading discourses to a group of around 50 trainees.

With Bikram - for the first time in his training history - not running a fall teacher training in North America, it is the perfect opportunity for studio owners to send their teaching prospects to an alternative hot yoga teacher training experience in Santa Barbara.

"We are all on the same side here. And we can make it better - maybe we have a responsibility to step outside our individual boxes and give it a try." Cassie Aitken - Director, Global Hot Yoga

Owners are ready for a steady stream of rock star teachers to pull from, without having to kill themselves running their own trainings or send students to a training they no longer trust. And individual trainers see no conflict for themselves or their training businesses; some have even acknowledged a selfish motive in that they want a better stream of teachers available to make life easier at their studios.

The Primary Hot Yoga Series of 26+2 postures was originally defined by Bikram Choudhury. It is an ideal set of asanas for the beginner hatha yoga student and a complete method for teaching a group of students in a single class. This class is simply one of the best doorways into a yoga practice, and a conscious life, that has been defined during our lifetimes. In order to take the practice to the next level, TheHotTT teachers - many of whom either served as senior contributing teachers at Bikram's training, or have practiced his method for more than 20 years - believe these physical postures should be taught with more of a focus on alignment, meditation and breathing; so they have evolved the way teachers will learn how to pass on their knowledge, without changing the postures themselves.

The first course from TheHotTT will be hosted in Santa Barbara, California from September 29 to November 23, 2014. Places are limited to 50 students and there will be a minimum of 12 expert teachers. The course offers intimate, hands on teaching clinics, and lectures in mechanics, anatomy and philosophy. Trainees will also receive complimentary three day workshops for meditation, partner yoga and kids yoga.

Students and teachers can apply to be a part of this new wave of hot yoga by emailing or visiting the website

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Bikram Yoga 2.0 - The Collective Dream Has Arrived

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