The Evolution of Mankind and the Dawn of a Spiritual …

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The evolution of the species is observable. This really we cant deny. However, I am not a Darwinist and I dont subscribe to the notion that the survival of the fittest can explain the entire evolutionary process. The impulse of evolution is spiritual.

This is actually a knowledge I gained many year ago in flash of epiphany. I was taking shower when in just a few seconds perceived some information that answered all my questions, even the ones I had not posed. It was not like learning new things but rather remembering. I stood there, saying, Yes, yes, of course. It was as if I knew all that and had forgotten it. Everything was coming back to me in a flash.

Although the experience was overwhelming and I thought about it for some time, eventually I ignored it. Now that I am reading about the NDE of others, I see many of them describe the same thing.

The process of evolution is correct, as Darwin explained it. However, there is a spiritual force behind it that Henry Bergson coined as elan vital or the vital force. This elan vital is immaterial. It appears in organic matter. As the organization of matter becomes more complex the size and the faculties of the elan vital increase.

What Bergson called elan vital is what our ancestors called soul. Volvox is an organism, or is it? You can break the unity of volvox and its components can live independent from each other. By coming together they can work in conjunction as if there is a mind controlling the entire group. The organism suddenly acquires a super-mind that is responsible for the behavior of their collectivity. You can observe the same phenomenon in a school of fish, a skein of geese, a host of sparrows, a flock of sheep, a swarm of bees, etc. Who controls these animals in group? How a murmuration of starlings know when to turn right or left simultaneously without an apparent leader? Watching hundreds of thousands of starlings move synchronically without bumping to each other, forming amazing shapes in sky is fascinating. How can they do that?

A Murmuration of Starlings or a Dance of God?

There seems to be that by coming together these animals become recipient of their super mind. This super mind is of spiritual nature. Whenever organisms of the same species come together and work jointly in harmony they become the seat of their super consciousness that takes control of them and moves them as if they were a single organism.

The entire evolution is based on this principle. Atoms are formed when particles join together. Particles are alive. But when they are organized as atom, they become the seat of a new spirit: the spirit of atom. Atoms are alive, even though their life is so primitive that we dont consider them living. The process continues. Atoms form molecules, molecules form mega molecules, mega molecules form proteins, proteins form cells and cells form big organisms like humans. In each stage of the evolution matter becomes the seat of a bigger spirit and more lively. The cells composing your body are individually alive, but there is no comparison between your life and theirs.

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The Evolution of Mankind and the Dawn of a Spiritual ...

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June 15th, 2015 at 5:42 pm