Spiritism: A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution

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Allan Kardec's books have played an historic role in the development of several spiritual healing traditions, yet they are virtually unknown to the American public. (This book) attempts to rectify this situation. It is thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written. Many of Kardec's insights seem surprisingly contemporary, even though he wrote them in the 1800s. Numerous spiritist centers base much of their diagnosis and treatment on Kardec's pioneering discussion of what is now called "Energy Medicine". -- Stanley Krippner, PhD. Co-author, "Becoming Psychic" and "Extraordinary Dreams"

Dr. Bragdon is on the leading edge of issues that must be addressed if we are going to realize a transformation in the ways in which health care is currently conceptualized and delivered. The future lies in the development of capacities which lie latent within all of us, and in technology which is more commesurate with recent scientific developments. Dr. Bragdon's book is an important step in that direction. -- Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv. Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA.

Health professionals in the West have become much more open to including spirituality in clinical work. While Kardec's approach cannot be transferred en toto to contemporary medicine and psychotherapy, Dr. Bragdon's cross-cultural study of Brazilian Spiritists is a rich resource for seeing how spiritual healing can be taught and practiced. -- David Lukoff, PhD. Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School

We are not just this body, or mind, or feelings. We are essentially the eternal spirit that has no end. I honor Bradon's great respect for other cultural approaches and can quite clearly see a new spirituality coming from Brazil that will lead our world towards deep healing through a renewal of the teachings of Christ. -- Marilyn Feldberg Founder and Director of World Youth Service and Enterprise

Written with insight and sensitivity, this book is an extraordinary introduction to the rich wellness tradition of Brazilian Spiritists. Authentic and lasting body wellness comes with a sound and well adjusted spirit. Dr. Bragdon captured the essence of this grassroots model that will one day transform our medical care environment. A book that has strength and soul. -- John Zerio, President of the Allan Kardec Educational Society

What a wonderful journey I've had exploring these Spiritist Centers--especially meeting the people who attend them, and meeting the leaders in this social movement. For the most part, they are extraordinary people--compassionate, wise, and with a deep desire to be of service. They see Spiritism as the practical application of the golden rule, so they take care of others' needs in meaningful ways.

Whereas this book is an introduction to the philosophy of Spiritism and a colorful, armchair introduction to the workings of Spiritist Community Centers--my other books on Spiritist themes go into more detail. "Spiritism and Mental Health" is for professionals who want a more scholarly approach to how Spiritists help people with mental health issues. "Resources for Extraordinary Healing" briefly spells out how a Brazilian Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital works--but concentrates on what resources we have in the USA and Europe that are similar. Both of these last two books make it very clear that Brazilian Spiritists have a tremendous model we can learn from to help people who are emotionally disturbed.

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Spiritism: A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution

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