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For an outstanding Resource in Religion and Science for teaching, see the study guide developed by WTC faculty members:Evolution and Original Sin.

Overview of Atom+Eve Project at Washington Theological Union 2011-2013

Welcome to friends of the atom + Eve Project! All of the materials associated with the 2011-13 set of conferences related to the exploration of using science in pastoral ministry have been relocated to this page. The Washington Theological Consortium is a strong proponent of dialogue between religion and science and, in cooperation with one of our founding members, the Washington Theological Union, we were pleased to be part of this important undertaking. Please continue to make use of the printed materials, audio files and videos from these presentations in your academic or ministry settings.

The Washingon Theological Union with the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, initiated a program to encourage a lively conversation between scientists and theologians on big issues of common interest such as creation, evolution, and spirituality. Under the leadership of Rev. Joseph F. Wimmer, S.T.D. and Daryl P. Domning, Ph.D., four public conferences featuring scientists and theologians were held between fall 2011 and spring 2013 on various issues of the interaction between science and religion. The results are published here and available to all.

Conference 1: November 2011

Scientists Stephen M. Barr (Univ. of Delaware) andStenOdenwald(NASA), along with Catholic University theologians Robert D. Miller and James Wiseman, OSB, provided us with much food for thought and a sophisticated understanding of divine creation in their November 12, 2011 presentations on the Origin of the Universe.

Dr. Stephen M. Barr, PhD, University of Delaware

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Religion and Science in Pastoral Ministry - Washington ...

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