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It is vain to be always looking toward the future and never acting toward it. John Frederick Boyes, English essayist (1811 1879)

The human being has to become what he thinks himself to be. Rudolf Steiner

Human thinking is in need of a new model that constructs the human being and consciousness within an energetic universe that is compatible with both modern science and spiritual teachings. However, this need not demand of us that we throw away the knowledge that we have learned up to this point. On the contrary, we are required to not only work with our current knowledge-base but also to expand these resources to help us move forward into new paradigms of thought concerning human consciousness and the processes operating within the human being. In this time of our developing sciences and new technologies we have the assistance of ever-greater analysis and emerging discoveries that are evolving the parameters of our thinking. It is likely that the next stage in our human sciences will be centred on our understanding of consciousness; and how we are intimately connected to each another and our wider energetic environment.

We have discovered from recent science that each of us carries around with us a 100 billion-cell bioelectric computer that filters and ultimately interprets what we come to see as our reality. Almost all of its 100 billion neurons were established the day we were born, with around 250,000 neurons created every minute whilst our bodies were forming in the womb. Still, this phenomenal reality shaper has undergone monumental perceptual change over our evolutionary history. However, when compared to the skeletal remains of prehistoric human beings there appears to have been no observable change in human anatomy for at least 100,000 years. In comparison, our human mind has taken leaps from its earliest cave-art beginnings. This suggests that we have shifted from biological to cultural to a neuro evolutionary path and that further advance involves the development of the human nervous system and our consciousness. What is required, at this significant juncture, is again another catalyst of consciousness change. The next step that is required is likely to be a neuro-genetic evolutionary shift, and will be a necessary step in order to move beyond the limitations of our current developmental impasse. Civilizations in our historical past (and perhaps also in our unknown past) have collapsed as they evolved to the limits of their material resources without there being a parallel development in human consciousness. At such vital transition periods it is essential that a conscious energy force be introduced into the stream of human life in order to catalyze the next spurt in evolutionary growth. Without such conscious energy the material systems are in danger of either running out of control (as is the case now) and/or breaking down which may also be the case in the near future. Such a conscious energy force needs to serve as an impulse to help catalyze human civilization towards new modes of self-knowledge and understanding, often referred to under Maslow as self-directed actualization. Such a catalyst may appear, as this paper hopes to show, through discoveries in the field of quantum biology, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

It is my contention that emerging research in the quantum sciences throws new light upon the workings of the human mind/brain and consciousness, as well as the human nervous system and our genetic blueprint DNA. This research, as this paper discusses, creates a bigger picture whereby emerges a coherency between our biology, our human physiology, and an energetic field of consciousness. Because of this, we could say that we are at the edge of a possible quantum evolution of the human species. It may also be reasonable to say that there are already new generations of people who, as evolutionary agents of change, are manifesting symptoms of such transformational changes. As in any evolutionary shift there appear amongst the species the initial beginnings of such transformation before the change becomes more widespread. These speculations will be returned to later in the paper.

It is fair to say that our global civilization now finds itself at a critical crossroads of development, both in terms of physical resources as well as modes of thinking. It thus becomes imperative that we orientate our perceptive faculties in favour of the potential evolutionary transformation of human consciousness. In recent years our western societies, at least, have developed in detriment to conscious evolution. This is one of the major reasons behind the cultural failings of our critical times. There has been little preparation, discussion, and research into how humanity, both physically and mentally, can deal with great change when it disrupts both scientific and religious belief systems. In our material age there is a tendency to dismiss spiritual concerns as realms of fantasy; likewise, those people of spiritual leaning often dismiss science as being inadequate to guide us into the future. Thus, a great amount of our energies have been channelled into creating an unstable and radically polarised world. What is required, however, is a reconciliation of the scientists with the humanists (C.P. Snows Two Cultures) and a combination of research and energy into stimulating a progressive understanding of the evolutionary trajectory of our species. In the worst case scenario we could face a process of devolution; it is my contention, however, that this will not be the case. Part of our dilemma though rests in our blindness over how our mental and perceptual faculties operate.

The human brain as a collection of nerve cells operates as a multi-layered frequency receptor. Due to initial conditionings early on in life each receptor becomes wired to perceive a particular wave frequency. As the brains receptors tune-in to a particular pattern of frequency waves a pattern recognition response is received by the brain and interpreted according to the perceptions allotted to the frequency. In other words, the act of tuning in involves picking-up familiar frequency patterns out of the ocean of frequencies that surround us constantly. By tuning into the same patterns again and again we are reinforcing a particular reality-set. We are thus tuning into a consensus reality pattern unconsciously and forming our perceptions continually from this. Unfamiliar patterns often get ignored since they do not fall within our receptor remit. Perception is thus dynamically created moment by moment as the brain constantly scans the bands of frequencies that surround us. However, if this pattern-recognition behaviour does not evolve over time our perceptual development is in danger of becoming stalled. The result is that we become fixed or trapped within a particular reality. This is why human development requires that we move through various paradigm shifts[1] in order to evolve our collective thinking/perceptual patterns. In other words, our development rests upon simultaneous biological processes as well as psychical. According to noted consciousness researcher Gopi Krishna, the maturing of the nervous system and the brain is a biological process, depending on a host of psychic and material factors (Krishna 1999: 56).

The vulnerability of this process is that we become too accustomed to particular perceptual patterns and ignore other sensory inputs or influences. Also, as a species we have been collectively un-informed about methods obtainable to shift among various frequency bands and patterns. This knowledge has been available within various wisdom traditions (such as shamanism and occult and mystery schools) yet kept out of the public domain. The end result is that we become fixed and dogmatic in our sensory beliefs and cling desperately to the small section of reality we perceive as the whole. Yet the human brain, and nervous system, is flexible enough to shift between frequency patterns and to interpret realities beyond the consensual pattern. In past generations many mystery schools considered humankind too immature to undertake such training hence the need for rigorous and strict initiation rituals and testing. This embargo on such knowledge and techniques has helped foster the domination of materialistic science to the point whereby we are taught to dismiss subjective and intuitive impulses and experiences. However, it has now become an evolutionary necessity that our dominant reliance upon material pursuits be balanced with an increase in consciousness research that supports the significant role of a shared mind. The next stage of human development, I posit, will be of a neuro-genetic nature which using present terminology aligns with a form of quantum consciousness.

Quantum Coherence, Quantum Consciousness

The human body is a constant flux of thousands of chemical/biological inter-reactions and processes connecting molecules, cells, organs, fluids, throughout the brain, body and nervous system. Up until recently it was thought that all these countless interactions operated in a linear sequence, passing on information much like a runner passing the baton to the next runner. However, the latest findings in quantum biology and biophysics have discovered that there is in fact a tremendous degree of coherence within all living systems. It has been found through extensive scientific investigation that a form of quantum coherence operates within living biological systems through what is known as biological excitations and biophoton emission. What this means is that metabolic energy is stored as a form of electromechanical and electromagnetic excitations. It is these coherent excitations that are considered responsible for generating and maintaining long-range order via the transformation of energy and very weak electromagnetic signals. After nearly twenty years of experimental research, Fritz-Albert Popp put forward the hypothesis that biophotons are emitted from a coherent electrodynamical field within the living system (Popp, et al 1988). What this effectively means is that each living cell is giving off, or resonating, a biophoton field of coherent energy. If each cell is emitting this field then the whole living system is, in effect, a resonating field a ubiquitous non-local field. And since it is by the means of biophotons that the living system communicates, then there is near instantaneous intercommunication throughout. And this, claims Popp, is the basis for coherent biological organization referred to as quantum coherence. This discovery led Popp to state that the capacity for evolution rests not on aggressive struggle and rivalry but on the capacity for communication and cooperation. In this sense the in-built capacity for species evolution is not based on the individual but rather living systems that are interlinked within a coherent whole:

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