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The Noosphere and Cosmic Christ: Happy Birthday Teilhard de Chardin

Happy birthday, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (May 1, 1885 April 10, 1955). Give a listen to this excellent biographical podcast with Ursula King, Andrew Revkin, and David Sloak Wilson.

King: The human is not finished yet!

Tippet: He sees evolution both on a physical and spiritual that evolution proceeds towards spirit. Even as he looks towards Peking Man, and see himself as a 21st century human, he imagines future man looking back and seeing a primitive spirituality. He imagines this flowering of consciousness; this evolutionary consciousness.

King: Its mind blowing! The whole region of cyberspace They say Teilhard is the patron saint of the world wide web. He used to say that we will intensify our communication: but what are we doing with it? Thats the big question. We have to create it.

Though banned from publication in his lifetime, Teilhards posthumous writings went on to influence brilliant thinkers in their own right like media theoristMarshall McLuhan, scifi [1] writerPhilip K. Dick, and more recently,Rev. Matthew Fox,Thomas Berry,Brian Swimme, and theologianElizabeth Johnsonsecological thoughtand growing forward tradition.

Read the Mass on the World here.

The Phenomenon of Man.

[1] In Dan SimmonsEndymion, a future Catholic popetakes the name Teilhard 1st.

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Evolutionary Landscapes | Consciousness, Culture, and the ...

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