‘The Call To Unite’: Oprah Winfrey kickstarts live stream event and fans can’t wait for Avril Lavigne to join – MEAWW

Posted: May 5, 2020 at 5:44 pm

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In times of the coronavirus crisis, The Call To Unite spreads the message to celebrate someone who has been there for you through the global pandemic. The 24-hour livestream event brings people together to share how you plan to #AnswerTheCall for someone else in need.

Locked down in our homes, what is the best thing we can do? Timothy Shriver, organizer of The Call To Unite, says it's time to co-author the "book of us". It's all about "justice" and "joy." Oprah Winfrey kickstarted the event by speaking to spiritual leaders from across the globe. "I spent 47-38 days in lockdown, I've had a lot of time to reflect what this moment means to us as a family and a community," she said.

Delving into the basic struggles people are facing, Shriver said, "If not now, when? If not us, who? So many people are starving. We all are looking for a way to trust each other. I think one thing we all need to do is the language you use to get together. It is a massive positive movement in the right direction."

Oprah then spoke to Bishop TD Jakes and Eckhart Tolle. Talking about how we divided the world into whites, blacks and browns, Bishop said, "Wed become too tribal, too separated into our own groups. This is, after all, something affecting all of humanity."

Tweeting some of his touching words, people united on social media. "We must feel the fear but never let it drive the car - Bishop TD Jakes #AnswerTheCall," one tweet read and another said, "I have an idea. @Oprah should be @JoeBidens VP. They would sweep. We need her. Also, heal us, Oprah."

"The bishop says he hasnt spent this much time at home in years, but its given him time to appreciate simplicity," one said and another said, "Its the dignity we bring to the suffering that determines the outcome, #BishopTDJakes #TheCalltoUnite."

Meanwhile, some fans noticed Jakes' peculiar live stream setup. "TD Jakes has a better livestream setup than Teddy Riley. Go Bishop! #AnswerTheCall #verzuz," the tweet read along with a picture. Meanwhile, some can't help but wait for Avril Lavigne to join in. "At which time does Avril Lavigne #AnswerTheCall," one wrote and another said, "@AvrilLavigne about what time are you joining the #AnswerTheCall live stream?" One fan posted, "She isn't shy anymore on social media. I'm very happy that i can see her live again & get to hear her voice often. Thank you so much."

Feeling the inspiration and motivation, people are waiting for more celebrities to join in. "Can't wait to tune into @TheCallToUnite, so many amazing people are coming together to #AnswerTheCall & unite our community during this pandemic. Hope you'll all follow along!" one tweet read. If you're wondering when your favorite celebrities will pop in, here's the schedule for you.

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'The Call To Unite': Oprah Winfrey kickstarts live stream event and fans can't wait for Avril Lavigne to join - MEAWW

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