LIVE – One Puzzle Piece to Another – Video

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LIVE - One Puzzle Piece to Another
2012-12-25 1st journal, 8 Kan/Seed NOTE: OPEN WRITTEN JOURNAL for live links - these are just informational Eckhart Tolle on Meditation 1:06:15 Eckhart Tolle -- Time is Now 2:32:43 Video Journal (uploading) Written Journal Intro: Are you quiet and still enough to listen to Eckhart? Most people aren #39;t. I like the way he doesn #39;t let that get to him. He just does his thing. Very nice. Wish this could be said for us all. Sometimes I don #39;t feel so very smart, so together, or whatever. Sometimes I feel pretty empty, even dumb. Yes, I know I #39;m not, but I also am, since every coin has its two sides. There are times when the best we can do is just not to resist what is -- how we feel...Distributed by OneLoad.comFrom:TheseEyesGodViews:6 2ratingsTime:25:50More inPeople Blogs

LIVE - One Puzzle Piece to Another - Video

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