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Posted: December 26, 2019 at 10:51 am

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TMI: It's not just applicable to the stuff your best friend posts online about their kidney stones. There's too much information in general, online and everywhere. Too many opinions, facts, strategies and stories - but that doesn't mean some of it isn't worth knowing.

That's likely why BookNotes is getting solid reviews on the App Store. Its mission is to take all those books you say you'll get around to reading and give you the gist in 15 minutes or less.

BookNotes' library of book summaries includes titles from Eckhart Tolle, John Gray, Tim Ferris and other heavy hitters in the business and self-help world. It's also got fiction classics like 1984 and The Great Gatsby. There's even a few original mini-books, plus summaries of top Netflix documentaries like Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.

They're all distilled into tightly-organized snippets that give you the key ideas, plot summaries, and takeaways. And since they're also available on audio, you can soak up a great book on every daily commute.

You can access the app from any device, and a lifetime subscription is now a full 90% off the retail price. Get your own BookNotes account and start getting the information you need, when you need it.

A classic robotics video from Boston Dynamics in 2015. Think of how much more developed the robots are now! Yikes. [YouTube]

The US Navy has issued a policy banning the social media app TikTok from government-issued mobile devices, saying the China-owned video messaging service is a cybersecurity threat.

Google and Apple remove app

You know those cooking shows where you see chefs furiously stirring their broth or risotto? Thats the only time stirring has ever looked cool. For the rest of us, its an unbearable time-sink and a quick way to get sore arms especially if youre preparing thick foods like mashed potatoes. For that reason, we []

Wine is great, but wine poured with an aerator is even better. Its true that a jolt of oxygen does wonders for the flavor of a wine just before its poured. This Electric Wine Aerator & Dispenser makes sure that every pour gets its fair share of air, delivering oxygen over a wide surface area. []

How many times a day do you wipe your glasses clean? If you actually care about your specs, youre using a microfiber cloth and not your shirt. In which case, good for you. But even so, youre just removing the surface dust on those lenses not the grime and oil that accumulates on a []

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