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In response to a growing number of requests from students on retreat with Eckhart, she eventually developed PTM into its current form. People wanted a form or structure for the movement, but at its deepest level, PTM is not about form. Its not about the physical per se; the physical is simply a vehicle, a portal to stillness and to essence. You can do the exercises, but if youre not tapped in to stillness, youre just doing exercises.

Kim encourages practitioners of PTM to evolve the practice for themselves after learning the forms through workshops or retreats. Through stillness, your own way of moving will emerge naturally, as an unfolding practice that you create every day.

Perhaps most importantly, PTM has provided a complement to Eckhart Tolles teachings that takes people from conceptual knowing to direct experiencean experience that has proven elusive especially for those readers and followers of his work who are very much identified with their thoughts and therefore have not really had a direct experience of stillness before. Many of those people find the inner stillness through the PTM approach, Kim explains. And for those who have already had an experience of stillness, it can help them go more deeply into it.

Kim considers this practice one of many spiritual pathways to awakening and wholeness. She emphasizes, For those with whom it resonates, it is a practice that can resolve lack of alignment with Spirit and Source, especially if traditional sitting methods have not worked for you.

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Eckhart Tolle Awakening Tour | Dubai | I Am Genie

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