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Posted: May 16, 2020 at 1:46 pm

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If years ago what everyone wanted to lose weight was talking about going to the gym and getting pounded doing sports, now many nutritionists and sports experts have turned the tables.New trends in the world of nutrition warn that leading a healthy life is no longer (or at least not only) a matter of doing sports.Over the years and with an increasingly powerful food industry and the increase in sedentary lifestyle and associated diseases such as obesity, consumption trends have changed and there are now many people who, as nutritionists themselves report, They cannot lose weight for much sport that they do. So it is necessary to put aside junk food and start eating real food.

In this link we told you yesterday an example of a woman who had succeeded. The photo speaks for itself. The results are surprising. Once you change your diet then you do have to start exercising. And the first step is to start the house little by little and by the foundations. That is: do not face the first day a half marathon.Just do the fashionable exercise that everyone talks about and that more and more people practice.It is simple: just walk. Doing about 15,000 steps each day will suffice.

More and more people are joining this trend. And it is a way of exercising without you noticing it excessively. In fact, several viral coach challenges are circulating around the network that try to improve the lives of their followers.What does it consist on? In that you get a smart phone or an activity bracelet and count the steps you take. The goal is for you to exceed 15,000 each day. If you succeed, put a mark on the calendar and start introducing small actions that can lead you to move more and (therefore) burn more calories.

Keep in mind that moving (in this link you can read how beneficial it is, for example, doing it after each meal or each dinner), will make your body activate and burn more calories. If you do more than 15,000 steps a day (or even reach 20.00)you can subtract 4,000 calories.A challenge at the height of a few for which up to groups (both women and men) that go out throughout Spain periodically to walk together have already been formed.

But this is not the only action you can do. Quite the contrary. Moving and walking has to be a complement.In fact, scholars assure that if you add to this, for example, a renunciation of alcohol or ultraprocessed, the changes in your body you will begin to notice before. And that is the last of the keys that nutritionists transmit: losing weight is a matter of time. You have to be patient because the results are not achieved in a moment or a minute. Every effort has its rewards.


May 16, 2020

May 16, 2020

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Weight loss tricks: The exercise that sweeps the nets and what you should do to lose weight and subtract calories without starving - Explica

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