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Posted: March 1, 2020 at 4:44 am

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When trying to get into shape, dieters can pick up tips from those who have already lost an impressive amount of weight. One slimmer recently shared the diet and exercise plan she used to shed 1st 12lb.

Jean McNamara, 40, noticed the weight creep on over the years but fitness had never been a priority.

It wasnt until poor health struck her family that she started to consider getting into shape.

The dieter became aware of a history of heart problems in her family and started to look into ways she could get fitter.

With her 40th birthday approaching, Jean gave herself the challenge to get into shape before then.

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Tipping the scales at 11st 4lb, she signed up for her local gym but quickly lost motivation.

After one friend suggested High Intensity Interval Training plan, F45, Jean made the switch to the programme.

The slimmer signed up for an eight week challenge programme which focused on weight loss.


Describe the plan, the F45 website said: The F45 Challenge is a nutrition and training program focused on holistic well-being.

The combination of F45s style of training and the challenge meal plans are designed to help members transform their lives over the 8-week period.

When following the plan, Jean upped her training to five days a week.

Although she found the training regime a challenge to begin with, the dieter started to enjoy the workouts.

She paired the intense workouts with the accompanying diet plan and focused on eating high protein healthy meals.

By following the plan, her weight soon dropped from 11st 4lb to a much healthier 9st 6lb.

Jean also revealed she slimmed down from a UK size 14 to a svelte size 10 in the eight week period.

Not only did she shed an impressive amount of weight, the dieter noticed a change in her general health.

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Weight loss shock transformation: Woman shed two stone in eight weeks with diet plan - Express

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