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Posted: November 20, 2020 at 11:52 am

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21-year-old rapper Polo G is a lot of thingsa Billboard Hot 100 artist, a social media savant, and the owner of his very own record label, ODA Recordsbut one thing he is not is a particularly health-conscious eater. "My rider for all my shows is pizza and wings," he said. "Literally for 25 shows, all I ate was pizza and wings."

For the latest installment of Vs. the Internet, the rapper took on internet commenters once and for all, revealing his diet, exercise, and the reason you won't see him featured on other artists' songs.

As it turns out, Polo G's new to the workout game. "I started working out in 2019," he told Men's Health. "I used to be 100 pounds, skinny as hell. Slowly making progress, I want to be like 185 lbs." (Something tells us the pizza and wings might help get him there.)

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Outside of conquering the rap game itself, the artist has plans outside of music, too; he shared that acting might be in his immediate future. "With my being a big Tupac fan, [that's] definitely a path I want to take...You're going to see some acting from Polo some day soon."

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This past May, the rapper dropped his second album, The Goat, which debuted at number two on the Billboard charts and features collabs with Lil Baby and the late Juice WRLD. But don't expect him to be featured on other artists' records anytime soon. Responding to one fan's comment, he looks at features with a competitive "sports mindset."

"I just know I don't want nobody to outdo me on a song," he said. (We can't say we blame him.)

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