Horoscope today: Here are the astrological predictions for February 14 – Mumbai Mirror

Posted: February 15, 2020 at 2:53 am

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By Shirley Bose If its your birthday today Planetary positions are auspicious for travel, particularly for work/business. Visiting several new destinations is exciting and negotiations being successful is also revealed. Planning career/business moves for the next one year is important, keeping long term goals in mind. Income/profits increase. The relationship with your spouse/partner is good, but sometimes you feel there is less emotional connection. Follow diet/exercise plans.

Capricorn: Dont complicate life with an avoidable relationship. News from overseas is quite unexpected. Karmic undercurrents advise being on guard though some work related issues have been logically resolved. Colours: lime green/white.

Virgo: Focus on one task at atime instead of multi-tasking. Getting enough sleep is important. Karmic undercurrents reveal an unexpected surprise is thrilling and just what youve wanted. Colours: bronze/grey.

Aquarius: A wholesome and balanced life is what you aim for. Anxious feelings disappear unexpectedly. Karmic undercurrents advise gradually changing a traditional approach to a more modern way of thinking. Colours: lavender/brown.

Gemini: Just do your duty, letting go of what is not important. Business/career move ahead rapidly. Karmic undercurrents advise taking assertive action since you are in an advantageous position. Colours: maroon/gold.

Libra: Work runs according to schedule and two deadlines are met without any major delays. Resolving a misunderstanding immediately is better. Karmic undercurrents advise being sensitive to a friends moods. Colours: rust/yellow.

Pisces: The present karmic cycle favours enhancing work-related knowledge. Some sign up for a seminar. Karmic undercurrents advise not spending inordinate amounts of time alone. Dont become a recluse. Colours: turquoise/red.

Cancer: Dont worry about circumstances that are karmic in origin. Just do your best to systematically work through them. Karmic undercurrents advise living in the moment peacefully and with faith. Colours: khaki/mustard.

Scorpio: Social life sets a good pace once more and friends make plans. Money owed to you by someone is returned. Karmic undercurrents advise not procrastinating. Do the work immediately. Colours: white/scarlet.

Leo: Stay away from people who regularly play mind games. Karmic undercurrents reveal receiving karmic justice in a job done well feels good (someone else had taken credit for it). Colours: purple/red.

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Horoscope today: Here are the astrological predictions for February 14 - Mumbai Mirror

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