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Posted: April 10, 2020 at 2:47 am

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Eating with hands has its good old history in India. It was not only a part and parcel of our traditions but was also the simplest way of eating food. In todays time there are not many people who still eat with their hands. With glittery and fancy cutlery taking over our traditions, most people find eating with spoons more convenient. But do you know that eating with hands has its own list of health benefits? Here are some good enough reasons to toss your cutlery away and start eating with your hands: Increases blood circulation Eating with your hands is a wonderful exercise which further helps in blood circulation. Be it mixing your food together or forming bites of dal and roti, using your hands makes your joints and fingers move, which is equivalent to any hand exercise.

Helps you maintain food proportion Eating with hands is a comparatively slow process than eating with a spoon. Thus, you not only spend more time chewing the food but also eat lesser than how much you usually eat with a spoon.

Forms a connection with food

Eating using hands has been an old tradition of our Indian culture. In those times, people not only used their hands to eat but also used to sit on the ground during meals. Though it has been advanced to fancy cutlery and dining tables, eating with hands still hold a special connection with each one of us. Eating with hands not only makes us feel nostalgic but also makes us form a connection with what we are eating.

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Eating with spoon or with hands? Find what's better for your health - Times of India

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