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Jennifer Lopez never showed: relaxing on the beach and face washed – Matzav Review

Posted: March 9, 2020 at 7:44 pm

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No one does as good as Jennifer Lopez. The diva from the Bronx of 50 years does not cease to amaze us day in and day out, proves that is still one of the most beautiful women and most talented Hollywood.

As usual, it is in the rule, together with its 115 million followers on Instagram (the number increased exponentially after his brilliant performance in the Super Bowl 2020 strategy, in addition to the Colombian Shakira) material about their work, their training, their new songs and their alliances of fashionincluding the successful campaigns of the Coach, Guess, and Versace, to name just a few.

But in a recent posting, we saw a different side of JLo. Pad on the beach, listening to relaxing music; he made a video for his fans, where he from the bottom to the top, and ends up smiling in the camera while the sun towards them. Super natural and without make-up (just a little bit of golden shadow in the eyes, raised his gaze and soft lips), the singer wore Romper suit, white color, with a deep neckline and strips in the form of a network on the sides.

Her hair, directly a url of Chanel, and an impressive diamond ring also appeared in the video, which lasts only a few seconds, and proves that the glamour should not be lost, even if its a day at the beach. When you are finished, you can see a photo of her for the assessment of the outfit total, you have added a pair of sunglasses with glittering details at the sides and a wide hat color camel.

On the foot photo, Jennifer added: no one likes a cloudy day at the beach. As the video was already expected for 11 million views and thousands of comments like youre beautiful, you have a natural Shine, your smile is electric.

The future wife of the athlete Alex Rodriguez he was with the natural, and won in the networks. What is to repeat again the experience?

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Jennifer Lopez never showed: relaxing on the beach and face washed - Matzav Review

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March 9th, 2020 at 7:44 pm

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This music calms cats the best, study finds – Treehugger

Posted: February 26, 2020 at 8:41 am

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Researchers tested the calming effect of music for kitties during vet visits; 'cat-specific' music was the winner.

The last time we took our cat to the vet, I literally thought he was going to have a heart attack. Tough guy is king of the savannah at home, but once in his carrier and headed to the place with the scary people in scrubs, he was a panting, hissing, mewling mess. Porr kitty. And I didn't envy the vet who had to wrestle with the freaked-out mini tiger either.

But after reading about a new study from Louisiana State University (LSU), I think I have a gameplan for the next time: We are going to play him some relaxing cat music.

Indeed, a growing body of evidence has led to the popularity of using music in human medicine. Research has shown it to be efficacious in everything from improving motor and cognitive function in stroke patients to reducing anxiety associated with medical examinations, diagnostic procedures, and surgery.

Along these same lines, researchers previously have found that during general anaesthesia, cats remain physiologically responsive to music; and beyond that, classical music was found to be more soothing than pop or heavy metal.

The authors describe cat music as being comprised of "melodic lines based on affiliative vocalizations and rewarding sounds. These melodies are interpreted as more likely to be effective if the goal is to calm an agitated cat. The thought and musical design behind composing cat-specific music was based on the idea that the development of the emotional centers in the brain of the cat occur shortly after birth, during the nursing stage. Because purring and suckling sounds are common in this developmental stage, these sounds are layered into tempos and frequencies used in feline vocalization to create cat specific music."

To see if cat music would work to calm cats at the vet's office, they experimented with 20 cats who enrolled in the study. The felines were played 20 minutes of Scooter Bere's Aria by David Teie, classical music, or no music at all in random order at each of three physical examinations at the veterinary clinic, two weeks apart.

This is the cat music. (Is it weird if it makes humans calmer too? Asking for a friend.)

As evidenced by lower cat stress scores and handling scale scores, the researchers claim that the cats appeared to be less stressed during the exams when played the cat-specific music, compared with both classical music and silence.

The examination period, they write, showed "significantly lower CSSs [cat stress scores] when cats listened to cat music compared with listening to silence or classical music," write the authors. They conclude of their findings,

"... that cats respond more positively to music made specifically for them and suggest that tranquil behaviors can be achieved in a veterinary clinical setting with the introduction of cat-specific music. Our results also suggest that this would not be the case for classical music or silence."

We have heard of all kinds of ways people try to quell the nerves of anxious cats traveling to the vet, from special pheromone sprays to Ativan and Xanax. Forget that, try some nice soothing cat music complete with purring and suckling sounds! and chances are you may even feel a bit more relaxed as well.

The study, Effects of music on behavior and physiological stress response of domestic cats in a veterinary clinic, was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

Researchers tested the calming effect of music for kitties during vet visits; 'cat-specific' music was the winner.

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This music calms cats the best, study finds - Treehugger

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February 26th, 2020 at 8:41 am

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Small Steps Towards Mindfulness That Can Change Your Life – Thrive Global

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I have been fortunate over the last year to engage in some great conversation on mindfulness and what one should do to stay focused on the practice. Its an appropriate time to share tools to support the practice.

Lets start where it all began, my white paper from 2018 Creating a Leadership Legacy. Below is an excerpt on mindfulness.

Mindful Leadership:

In the 4 part series from Harvard Business Review Press on Emotional Intelligence, the book on Mindfulness was hard to put down. By definition, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing ones awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting ones feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, which may be used as a therapeutic technique. What is inspiring about this is that we have to focus and be present to truly be effective in the uber connected world in which we live. Our role as leaders has always been to cut through the noise and help prioritizethat was easier when we only dealt with office meetings and an occasional phone call. Leaders today are reacting to situations and information coming at record speeds and from endless sources. However, being mindful brings calm to the storm. I have read the learning content and team based focus from id8te. They start with teaching the team mindfulness and its health benefits. I know that I am going to check them out with my team. If you are struggling and looking for a place to start, begin the simple practice on mindfulness. How, you ask? Personally, I started with the app Calm. I also read some books and listen to mindful audio books.

That was a great time for me as I really started to explore what mindfulness meant as a person and leader. There is so much talk about mindfulness and its finally being embraced by the business world.

Ellen Langer is a pioneer in the mindfulness space, and she gives a simple description of mindfulness.

It is the process of actively noticing new things. When you do that, it puts you in the present. It makes you more sensitive to content and perspective. Its the essence of engagement.

Its important to add that mindfulness is not mediation. You do have distractions enter your thoughts. Whats important is to recognize them and let them float away. Each person uses different techniques to stay mindful. Some use their breath or music to concentrate on. Some meditate. Meditation takes a great deal of practice and if youre new to this, you may want to start with guided meditation.

Without question this has to be the hardest part of the practice. We have been programmed to multitask and have up to 10 tabs open on our browser at any given time. We have multiple chats going, while listening to a podcast, and were half engaged in a conversation. This happens at work, at dinner, or at home with potentially different distractions.

So how do we stay focused on the path? Make it a priority and fundamental to our life today. In the present. When we fully commit to something and make it part of our routine, it becomes part of who we are. You know theres progress when your wife and colleagues have noticed the growth. My wife has even asked me about a book that really grounded me ( Zen and the Art of Happiness) and she would like to share it with some friends who are searching for a way to re-prioritize their lives.

Most learn that they need three part alignment. Mind, body and spirit. For example, my routine goes something like this. Every morning I get up at 5:15 and have coffee with my wife. From there exercise consists of either cardio or yoga. After getting ready for work there is an hour of time by the ocean in spiritual meditation. During the day I try to get 10,000 steps. Also its important to find time for those moments to close your eyes and get centered. Twice a week I go to Tai Chi. My evenings are filled with family or reading. I do not watch television anymore as a habit. Listening to soothing music and reading helps nourish me and gets my body ready for sleep.

My journey started by reading a series of books on happiness, mindfulness and meditation.Below are the titles and descriptions.

Zen and the Art of Happiness. Cutting-edge science and spirituality tell us that what we believe, think, and feel actually determine the makeup of our body at the cellular level. In Zen and the Art of Happiness, you will learn how to think and feel so that what you think and feel creates happiness and vibrancy in your life rather than gloominess or depression.

This book is so deep that you will most likely read through it twice before setting it down. I gave a copy to a friend and all 3 of my daughters. From there I read After the Ecstasy, the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path Enlightenment does exist, internationally renowned author and meditation master Jack Kornfield assures us. Unbounded freedom and joy, oneness with the divine . . . these experiences are more common than you know, and not far away. That book really puts you to work.

The third took me back to a book that started this journey a few years ago. Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. When Wherever You Go, There You Are was first published in 1994, no one could have predicted that the book would launch itself onto bestseller lists nationwide and sell over 750,000 copies to date. Ten years later, the book continues to change lives. In honor of the books 10th anniversary, Hyperion is proud to be releasing the book with a new afterword by the author, and to share this wonderful book with an even larger audience. This is just a great foundational book that I find helps me come back to center.

After reading these books and engaging with friends on these topics, you may find yourself more open to understanding all religions and practices on meditation and mindfulness. Exploring Buddha you will realize that our impression was wrong. Buddha was simply a royal who left the family and sat under a tree and explored the mind and found enlightenment. Followers of Buddhism dont acknowledge a supreme god or deity. They instead focus on achieving enlightenmenta state of inner peace and wisdom. When followers reach this spiritual echelon, theyre said to have experienced nirvana.

Another book that really challenges beliefs is The Third Jesus, bestselling author and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra provides an answer to this question that is both a challenge to current systems of belief and a fresh perspective on what Jesus can teach us all, regardless of our religious background. There is not one Jesus, Chopra writes, but three. When we take Jesus literally, we are faced with the impossible. How can we truly love thy neighbor as thyself? But when we see the exhortations of Jesus as invitations to join him on a higher spiritual plane, his words suddenly make sense. You will learn that Deepaks is a christian.

Harvard Business Review has published a 12 volume book on emotional intelligence that gets to mindfulness, resilience, listening and all the key topics for todays workforce and leaders. What you will love about these is they are easy reads. If you remember from my first white paper, they originally released the first version of four. Mindfulness was the very first book I read in that series.

Mindfulness will help your EQ. Being present more often allows you to pick up and hear more than ever before. You also become way more observant with your eyes. It allows one to be more empathetic, listen better, react to situations with more information and you will find youre more resilient in life.

Through practice your health will improve. Studies suggest that mindfulness practices lead to an increase in gray matter concentration in the parts of the brain that affect learning, memory, emotion regulation, self-referential processing and perspective taking. I can tell you I have lost 18 pounds and I am in better shape from even 15 years ago. You have more energy will be perfectly fine running all over for family or friends. You see, you think and act differently and you appreciate life and the opportunity you have to impact people all the time and more importantly in the now.

Another part of this practice is not dwelling on what is wrong in the world and replaying negative thoughts that haunt us as humans. You actually make a real time commitment to focus on the good and you begin to seek good information to support your growth. You may find yourself listening to relaxing music, practicing yoga, reading and getting away from screen time. You become focused on making a difference and being happy that we get a chance to make the world a better place.

The last thought is this: Give mindfulness a try for 3 daysThe worst thing that happens is you make time for yourself. That one act of self care will feel good. We owe it to ourselves to become a better version of ourselves each day we are blessed to wake up. In fact a recent article in the Wall Street Journal talked about the wave of traders who are leaning on meditation to improve their health.

People are seeing the effects daily when mindfulness is a practice. Also we need to lead with LOVE. Listen to your people and those conversations taking place around you. Observe your surroundings. Have a voice for those who do not. Practice empathy. Being present and putting ourselves in someone elses shoes is leadership at its finest.

Thank you for reading and you can follow my thoughts at or read my published work at

Be Well,


The rest is here:

Small Steps Towards Mindfulness That Can Change Your Life - Thrive Global

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Amazon Echo prices drop, but theres a new way to get one for free – Express

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If youve been thinking of investing in an Echo smart speaker then now is a good time to go shopping. These popular devices from Amazon have just been cut in price with the entire range now costing a lot less than before. For example, you can currently pick up an Echo Dot for 44.99 - saving 5 - or a standard Echo for 79.99 - saving 10.

Along with these devices getting a reduction, theres also price cuts on the all-screen Echo Show. This means you can buy a Show 5 for 74.99 - saving 5 or a Show 8 for 109.99 - saving 10.


These are all good discounts and are certainly worth considering if you were thinking of buying an Echo.

However, there is one more deal that offers the chance to pick up an Echo for free.

Virgin Media is currently running a promotion which includes one of these smart speakers when you sign up to a new broadband bundle.

Virgin says that it is offering this smart speaker on the Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle and Bigger Bundle+ Movies.

If you opt for the Big Bundle or Bigger Bundle youll get a free Echo Dot whilst those opting for the Bigger Bundle+ Movies will be treated to a free Echo Show 8.

Prices for Virgins plans start from 33 per month and include TV and broadband.


Along with these price cuts and deals, theres more good news for Echo owners in the UK.

First launched in the US, the Whisper Mode is now available on multiple devices in the UK and means that Alexa wont respond quite so loudly when you ask it a question.

The clever update basically allows you to whisper to Alexa with her then responding at a similar low volume level.

The concept is aimed at not disturbing other people in the house when you need something answering late at night or early in the morning.

If you also want to do a series of things with one whispered command, you can set up a routine that is triggered by a whisper. For example, you can set an alarm, turn off lights and play relaxing music simply by saying, Alexa, good night. You can easily create a range of customisable routines using the Alexa app.

Heres how to set up Whisper mode on Alexa: Open the Alexa app > Go to Settings > Next, click Voice Responses > Then activate Whispered Responses.

This mode should work on most of your smart speakers including the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and new Echo Studio.

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Amazon Echo prices drop, but theres a new way to get one for free - Express

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February 26th, 2020 at 8:41 am

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Fall asleep in 60 seconds using 4-7-8 method that insomniacs swear by – Scottish Daily Record

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Not being able to get to sleep is one of the most frustrating things, and most people will try pretty much anything to help them nod off.

Anyone who has been failed by the usual tricks, like relaxing music, counting sheep or spritzing your pillow with lavender spray, should give the 4-7-8 method a go.

Fans of the process said it can take less than a minute and it's as simple as changing the way you breathe, said MedicalNewsToday.

Dr Andrew Weil, a specialist in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona explained that this breathing technique comes from Indian yogis who use it during their meditation practices.

Dr Weil said: "Its the single best method that Ive found for dealing with getting back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night".

You simply inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold that breath for seven seconds and exhale slowly for another eight seconds.

Then repeat, until you drift off.

As well as helping insomniacs, it helps to calm over-stressed minds, managing anxiety and controlling anger responses, by forcing your heartbeat to slow down.

Dr Weil continues: "The theory is that by imposing certain rhythms on the breath with your voluntary system, gradually these are induced into the involuntary nervous system.

And that comes with time. So its the regularity of doing this over a period of weeks, months, years that produces the changes that you want."

Dr Weil suggests using the technique twice a day to start seeing the benefits, and only completing the cycle four times when starting out.

And if you start to feel lightheaded, don't worry, that's completely normal - so make sure that the first few times you try this you're laying down.

Continued here:

Fall asleep in 60 seconds using 4-7-8 method that insomniacs swear by - Scottish Daily Record

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Local lurking on Bandcamp: Greensboro-based artists churn out oddities – Yes! Weekly

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Your neighbor could, for all you know, be hunched over her laptop making meticulously crafted post-rock, or editing a track of breathy confessional folk, or futuristic chill hip-hop that samples vintage field recordings of calypso from the Caribbean. Theres no telling.

The internet is big enough for every super-niche taste to have its own special nook with like-minded people there to egg each other on, or offer insightful critiques, whether its in artistic endeavors, obscure politics, romance or how-to fix-it projects. You might not be able to find an audience for avant-noise in your small hometown, but theres a community of listeners and players out there ready to lend an ear to almost anything. A local gig or a receptive slot at the open mic isnt always easy to find for every type of artist, and there are those who actually prefer to work in solitude. Some love to labor away at music-making but dont especially want to get up on stage and perform in front of an audience.

Technology has made it more and more feasible for musicians to create without needing to have access to a practice space or a venue to perform. You dont need musical collaborators or even a traditional instrument, so long as youve got the digital tools to grab and rearrange sound files. Platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud make it easy for artists to make music and share it with listeners from around the world.

Typing in the tag for Greensboro in Bandcamp yields interesting results, a sonic snapshot of music made by people in the region.

A quick search by city was how I discovered Chaucerian Myth, the name under which Greensboro musician Andrew Oliver records. Oliver had been a literature student in college, and he took his love of Medieval and Renaissance writing and used it as a jumping-off point for his music, composing elaborate synth compositions that related to the works of writers like Geoffrey Chaucer or Margery Kemp and others. Oliver makes music that gets labeled dungeon synth, which covers a broad range of styles, some of which draw on aspects of industrial rock, goth, soundtracks, early music and ambient music.

Chaucerian Myth just released a new album in January, Sir Orfeo, inspired by another work of Middle English literature from the 13th or 14th Century. This one is a variant of the Orpheus story from Greek mythology, a story, incidentally, where music and art is enough to overpower the forces of darkness (but other aspects of human nature do us in), only here Orfeo is a king who goes to rescue his wife who has been taken by a fairy king. Olivers music hints toward aspects of baroque style with suggestions of counterpoint and figured-bass style patterns, along with harpsichord and lute-like timbres that signal early music to the listener. But elsewhere, like on the second track, The Tale of Sir Orfeo, things get surprisingly energetic with almost metal-ish drum programming pulling the sounds out of the distant idealized past. (Oliver has said hes a big prog fan.) And the final track moves into almost atonal territory with dense, meandering and spooky melodies that bring to mind horror soundtracks.

Still, on the whole. Chaucerian Myth is like computer-enabled musical-fantasy time-travel, imagining a misty past stuffed with magic, artistry, royalty, enchanted nature and heroism.

While Oliver is conjuring a musical vision inspired by centuries-old poetry, others are engaged in something more abrasively rooted in the ugly present. The same regional search that gets you to Chaucerian Myth will also bring you to Democracy Dies in Stupidity, the new release by Sewer Cult, another project with the Greensboro tag. I know nothing about the people making Sewer Cults music, but it sounds like a caustic firehose of rage directed at Donald Trump and his fans. The album cover shows an image of Trump bringing a fork to his open mouth, and on the fork appears to be a turd. The album opens with a track called The Divider, which starts out with a processed sample of Trump declaring himself to be a very stable genius, after which a flesh-tearing blast beat kicks into hyperspeed.

True to their name, Sewer Cult have a cloacal fixation, blended in with their aggressive anti-fascist vibe. There are songs with titles like Coprophagia look it up and a few on related topics. Another track is called Toilet of the Vanities. With the exception of the title track, none of the songs is much longer than 2 minutes, that duration being a sufficient amount of time in which to let loose with a barrage of blistering grindcore growls and howls.

If all that is too organized, chordal, melodic and patterned for your taste, you can also find the new release from Dysphoria (also tagged as a Greensboro-based project), which is filled with sounds that are a little more in the noise/anti-music realm. The release, God Is A Gateway Drug, sounds like frying circuitry, or multi-tracked static, complete with hisses, shrill whistles and harsh, unrelenting grinding sounds. While the intent might be to generate caustic and abrasive frequencies, listened to at length, some of the tracks, like Swallow, start to have a white-noise quality. For most of us, there are too many abrupt skittering sonic flare-ups for this to be a recording to listen while relaxing. Fans of Throbbing Gristle and even Fennesz might be open to whats happening on a Dysphoria recording, though. Most others would find the sounds off-putting, confrontational, and possibly sociopathic.

But thats the beauty of the digital dynamic: the musics there if you want to seek it out, and easy enough to ignore if you dont. For music makers, streaming platforms offer vast openness, possibility, and the perfect mix of virtual anonymity and potential community for any micro-niche or idiosyncratic style. That can only be a good thing if more people feel free and encouraged to make their own music.

John Adamian lives in Winston-Salem, and his writing has appeared in Wired, The Believer, Relix, Arthur, Modern Farmer, the Hartford Courant and numerous other publications.

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Local lurking on Bandcamp: Greensboro-based artists churn out oddities - Yes! Weekly

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The Coolest Things to Do in Houston After Dark – Thrillist

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When the sun sets on Houston, its only natural to want to grab a drink while happy hour is still in effect. Still, if all youre doing after work is watching your bank account dwindle at one of our many excellent bars, youre missing out. Shake up your after-dark agenda with something a bit more unexpected, like stargazing in the park, catching a jazzy burlesque show, watching a midnight movie, or anteing up at a poker club. While the rest of the city heads home, heres how to make the most out of your post-sunset time in Houston:

Recommended Video

EaDo Because burlesque would feel kinda weird in the daytime, the night is the perfect time to catch a show by sultry burlesque troupe The Moonlight Dolls, who are now performing at Chapman & Kirby while Prohibition Theatre revamps (and eventually takes over) the space. Shows range from glamorous takes on The Jazz Age to a champagne- and booze-filled Almost Midnight show on Friday and Saturday nights.

Brazos Bend State Park Escape the city lights and go stargazing with George Observatorys telescopes in Brazos Bend State Park. Depending on the season and time of the month, you can experience incredible phenomena from bright meteors and eclipses to Saturns rings and Jupiters cloud belts. While the George Observatory main campus is closed until further notice for renovations, it will still be setting up shop at the Nature Center every Saturday from sunset to 10pm (weather permitting).

River Oaks Houston institution Landmarks River Oaks Theatre presents a Midnight Madness movie every Friday and Saturday, with cult sensations like Tommy Wiseaus The Room and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (featuring a live shadow cast). There are also fun throwbacks like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Beetlejuice.

Galleria/Uptown Settle in for an outdoor movie experience at the Rooftop Cinema Club, which rocks skyline views and a curated selection of cult films, classics, and new releases. The spring lineup includes flicks like Selena, Poetic Justice, Pretty Woman, and a You Choose Tarantino feature voted on by the audience. Snag some tickets in advance (the shows are known to sell out), hit the bar, dig into endless popcorn, and show up early to play some corn hole or giant Connect Four.

Various locations While the Houston Improv -- known for booking national acts -- is a good choice here, there are some other, more underground comedic options to explore in this city. Hit The Secret Group, half bar, half entertainment venue with stand-up comedy shows and open-mic nights; go the way of improv (and try a class yourself) at Station Theater; and check out the famous Open Mic Mondays at Rudyards (or the Live Punk Rock Karaoke on the second and fourth Tuesdays, which could also end up being pretty funny).

Downtown Weekends are throwback nights at Etro Lounge, with I Love the 80s video dance parties every Friday and Saturday, and 80s Hip Hop on Sundays. This is your chance to dust off your funkiest dance moves and the neon-coated everything youve been stashing since your last college mixer. Doors open at 9pm, and the tubular times go till 2am.

Downtown During its PacMan Fever events on the first and last Friday of each month, Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs opens up its arcade showroom for unlimited gameplay from 9pm to 2am (for $15 per person at the door). Youll find both new and vintage games, including classics like NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat 2, The Simpsons, Guitar Hero, and Mario Kart DX, and you can always pop over to the adjoining Eighteen Twenty Lounge for drinks.

Various locations Some of Houstons coolest coffee shops keep late-night hours for those last minute study sessions and chill after hours hangs. Head to Penny Quarter on lower Westheimer and you can pair wines with grilled cheese and fries, sip beers and spend the night playing board games at EaDos Coral Sword, or cozy up for Greek wines and good conversation at the quaint Agora cafe in Montrose.

Galleria Youll find members-only poker clubs all over Houston, including two popular ones in the Galleria area. Lions Poker Palace hosts tournaments and cash games, with professional dealers at each table and hours till 3am Sun-Thurs (5am Fri-Sat). Prime Social Poker Club is open 24/7, offering tournament poker, live poker, backgammon, chess, cribbage, dominoes, and pool throughout its facilities, as well as a full bar, upscale lounge, and food delivered straight to your table.

Montrose Dinner, dancing, and drag shows are on the menu at this Montrose hangout. Hit the gayborhood to enjoy a lineup of flamboyant dining experiences, from Dining with the Divas drag shows and Cyn-Ful Fridays to MaryOke-Karaoke and trivia nights.

Various locations Weve got some of the countrys best Vietnamese restaurants in our backyard, and bellying up for some pho before you go belly down for the night is a quintessential Houston experience. Just hit your nearest after-hours Vietnamese joint, including favorites like Mais, Pho Binh by Night, and Pho A Hung By Night; or switch gears and get your noodle fix at Ninja Ramen.

Houston Bowling is making a big nightlife comeback thanks to the a score of fancy bowling alleys, including CityCentres Bowl & Barrel, Memorials Bowlmor, Downtowns Lucky Strike, and Pinstripes over in River Oaks (which offers bocce, too). Each rocks craft brews, cocktails, and tasty pub grub to keep the night interesting even when youre living that #GutterballLife. If golf is more your thing, then the totally fun interactive golf game, TopGolf, is your new thing.

Memorial Park The Arboretum at Night series invites yall to experience the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center after dark, offering night hikes and up-close encounters with live nocturnal animals (plus adult beverages for those 21+). There are a few select dates throughout the year, so be on the lookout for the next available opportunity to enjoy a safe/boozy hike at night.

Northwest Houston Before hitting the hay, hit the GangNam Spa: a 24-hour luxury wellness experience rooted in Korean culture, with over 30,000 square feet of specialty baths, saunas, treatment rooms, lounging space, and dining areas. That includes things like the Topaz Cave, a private relaxing space made of Topaz stones to improve memory and mental concentration and relieve stress; a Himalayan Salt Room made of 350 million-year-old natural salt base rocks for healing; and an Igloo Ice Room to close the pores, smooth skin, and enhance skin elasticity. Access the facilities for $39 on weekdays and $49 on weekends (but note that spa services will cost extra).

Various locations No matter what scene youre after, Houstons got a live music venue for you. Check out the lineup at the indoor/outdoor White Oak Music Hall, located right in the Heights with patio bar The Raven Tower right nextdoor. Over on the Eastside, The Continental Club and Warehouse Live (EaDo) and Satellite Bar (East End) are usually hosting a rock show of some kind; Downtown plays home to Revention Music Center and House of Blues; and youll often find big name acts at spots like the Toyota Center, NRG Stadium, and the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands. Country fans will also want to check out The Rustic (Downtown), honky-tonk Goodnight Charlies (Montrose), and McGonigel's Mucky Duck (Upper Kirby).

Montrose Numbers Nightclub hosts a wide variety of events (like Doomsday Wrestling, for instance), but Kinky Tuesdays are one of its most popular. Youll get a kinky-yet-classy and respectful glimpse into the BDSM lifestyle, with local vendors and performers, rope classes, and an open stage for aerial performers. Theres even dungeon equipment available -- and if you have to ask what that means, youre probably not ready for it. Doors open at 8:30pm, and the cover is $7 for singles and $10 for couples (21+).

Northwest Betting on horses isnt the only attraction at this race track; you can also sip 50-cent beers during the live thoroughbred racing events every Friday from 6-9pm. Youll also want to swing by for the live Yorkie, Corgi, Pug, and Wiener races, too -- its quite possibly the cutest way to spend an evening in Houston. The race track is also open for Simulcast Wagering till 2am, 363 days a year.

Buffalo Bayou In the summertime, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership offers 30-minute twilight boat rides along the Buffalo Bayou ($7 for adults, the last tour departs at 8pm). Youll start at Allens Landing, then escape the city and glide along Buffalo Bayous waters, looking out for graceful herons, jumping fish, and if youre lucky (or maybe not), alligators chillin on the banks.

Various locations While you can always check out the current season of productions in the Theater District, with venues including The Hobby Center (favorite plays and Broadway productions), Alley Theatre (Tony Award winner of Outstanding Regional Theatre), Wortham Theater Center and Jones Hall (homes to the Houston Ballet and Houston Symphony, respectively), there are a number of smaller production companies that are worth a visit, too.

Over in EaDo, the funky Rec Room tells innovative stories through theatre, music, dance, and comedy; Midtowns MATCH Houston takes any pretension out of the theatre experience, with affordable options in music, theatre, dance, visual art, and film; and 4th Wall Theatre Company offers cutting-edge live theatre and a Pay What You Can performance of every production (on Mondays in the last week of the run) over in Arts District Houston.

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Brooke Viggiano is a Houston-based writer who guesses she isnt sleeping anymore. Stay up with her at @brookiefafa on IG or @brookeviggiano on Twitter.

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The Coolest Things to Do in Houston After Dark - Thrillist

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Harvesting Sound and Reaping the Health Benefits – | News, Sports, Information on the Blue Earth region – Faribault County…

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It's something you have to hear to believe.

Frost area farmer Blake Weber, 43, is a fourth-generation farmer who has a side hobby that has helped him calm the trying stressors of farming. Weber uses a multitude of soothing instruments to create relaxing, meditative sounds.

The Blue Earth Area graduate lives in Spirit Lake, Iowa, with his wife Megan and eight-year-old daughter, Kaity. When he's not in Spirit Lake with his family, or out at the Frost farm helping his dad, Barry Weber, you can find Weber in his sound studio located in Elmore.

Local farmer Blake Weber sits in his music studio where he experiments with sounds to reduce stress and anxiety. Weber uses a number of instruments including sound bowls, hand drums, synthesizers and more.

When he is not at his home in Spirit Lake, Iowa, or farming with his father in Faribault County, Blue Earth Area graduate Blake Weber likes to relax in his music studio in a house in Elmore. Weber finds playing music helps to destress from all the things going on in the world.

In Elmore, Weber has a small house filled with beautiful, intricate instruments and sound equipment to create incredibly mellow soundscapes that help him and those who enjoy his music with decompressing, relaxation, and relieving stress.

Some of the instruments he uses are hand pans, Native American flutes, kalimbas, rav-vasts or singing bowls, and a multitude of synthesizers to create his unique tones and rhythms.

"Tonal therapy is actually something lots of cultures use," he says. "You use resonant frequencies that can affect the cell structures of your body. Certain tones, called binaural tones, have been used with Buddhist monks for hundreds of years. The singing bowls I use were hand-hammered in Nepal."

Weber also has a tongue drum, which is like an inverted steel drum, that was hand-cut in Russia.

Some of the work he has been able to do outside of benefiting himself and his friends and family include playing for Beers and Yoga classes at Lake Okoboji in Iowa, helping with a guided meditation seminar, and has recently been commissioned to create soundtracking for a student film.

For Weber, music is not just about self-expression, but it has also helped him physically with symptoms of stress in his life.

"I started really getting into, and experimenting with, tonal sound a few years ago. We have high blood pressure in our family, and I was not exempt from that. I had high blood pressure," he shares. "Not anymore. My heart rate has gone down from 80 beats per minute to about 60 beats per minute. I track my heart rate and using music to relieve stress and express my feelings has been beneficial."

Weber has no formal musical training. He says his love of music started when he was just four years old, when he sat at his Grandpa Wayne's organ and just started tinkering with keys and pedals.

"When I was a little older, I found my mom's acoustic guitar and started fiddling with that," he shares. "In high school, I saved up my bean walking money to purchase an electric bass and my friends started a band. I really liked just meeting with my friends and practicing music."

Around 2010, Weber came back to his family farm to help out full-time with his dad after leaving a job that left him unsatisfied.

"I mean, technically I've been working on the farm since I was eight years old," he says. "But I've been helping my dad begin his retirement from farming back in 2010. That's when farming was pretty good."

Recently, the stressors of farming have become all but too evident to himself and his farming friends across the community.

"A lot of us guys are out there just trimming fat to stay above water. And some guys can barely do that. People are using less fertilizer, using less seed, just to try and stay afloat. It's a pretty stressful time to be a farmer, and music has really helped me to control that stress and express my frustrations," he says. "It's something that has worked for me. Music is important because it is one of the best ways humans can communicate emotions without hurting one another, either with words or with actions. Through this journey, how I live has changed it has made me appreciate life more."

During the winter, Weber's down time in farming, he likes to head to Elmore and experiment with different sounds, different tones, and soundscapes. There's no real rhyme or reason as to how he goes about his music, he just experiments and enjoys the process.

"Meditation is a consequence of music," he says. "You have no choice but to stay in that moment. Kaity really likes playing with music, too. And I think it's incredibly important for kids to play with music, experiment with sound, and find what they like. There are so many physical and mental benefits to playing music."

He hopes his fellow farmers can potentially benefit from the therapeutic component of sound, as well.

"It's whatever kind of music you like," he says. "It doesn't have to be soundscapes, it can be a country western song, but just sit down and enjoy it. Get into it. Listen to it. Try making your own music and your own sound it is pretty great how much stress it relieves. I was in the same place as many of my fellow farmers, but it's getting better."

Weber also says he enjoys his coffee shop banter with his fellow farmers, and says showing up for coffee with the guys, or sitting down to lunch or supper with neighbors is just as beneficial as music.

"When you are around like minds, with similar situations, having that community and that connection is life-saving," he says. "Any farmer who is struggling, just get out there with your fellow farmers and start talking, you'll realize you have more in common than you think. We go through a lot of tough thinking, and when we can find an outlet that helps us continue our lives on this side of the dirt, all the better. Music is just one avenue."

So while Weber is hard at work through the spring, summer, and fall planting corn and beans for the farm, it's during the down times of inclement weather and the winter season that this local musician has learned to destress and express through his multitude of stringed instruments, sound creators, and other intricate music machines.

To listen to some of Weber's sounds, check out his Facebook page, Blake Weber Sound, and really to experience the awe-inspiring sound that resonates from his instruments one truly should check out this musician's talents first-hand. It really is something you have to hear to believe.


Harvesting Sound and Reaping the Health Benefits - | News, Sports, Information on the Blue Earth region - Faribault County...

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Op Ed: Baseline Is Hands Down One Of The Best Places On Disney Property – Inside the Magic

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Baseline Tap House A personal favorite of mine at the Disney Parks.

When I visit Walt Disney World Resort, I always look forward to spending a few hours at Baseline Tap House. People watching, listening to relaxing music, sipping on my favorite drink, and munching on a delicious pretzel. Yep, it is by far the perfectcombination.

Now, I know Baseline Tap House can become very crowded, very quickly, but if you time it right and have a bit of patience, I promise it is worth it. In my opinion, this is one of the best spots on Walt Disney World property.

Kick back, relax, sip on a good craft beer (or maybe even a glass of wine), munch on some amazing Disney food, and enjoy my favorite bar Baseline Tap House. So why do I love this little pub so much? Lets dive in.

This adorable pub is located on Grand Avenue in Disneys Hollywood Studios, right next door to Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, on your way over to Star Wars: Galaxys Edge. The theming of the bar gives off a modern-day Downtown Los Angeles vibe, yet it re-imagines the beautiful Grand Avenue area of Disneys Hollywood Studios.

If you are all for a cute little mom-and-pop pub, this is the place to be. Inside, you will find a decent size bar with seating located around the walls, but my personal favorite is the seating outside.

The terrace offers a variety of seating where you can relax those feet and shade yourself from the hot Florida sun and just people watch.

The music is also very unique. Baseline Tap House plays a variety of modern day artists, such as Justin Bieber, but it is not what you are thinking. These songs are re-imagined to a more relaxing vibe as you sip on your adult beverages, which brings me to

Baseline Tap House offers a wide variety of California craft ales, lagers and cider. Disney guests can also opt for the beer flight, in which they can choose any four beers on the menu (pictured above). I love getting the craft beer flight as I feel it is a good value and a fun experience trying all of the different craft beers offered.

I also typically opt for the Blood Orange Cider (the last choice on the right in the photo above) as I find it is extremely refreshing, especially on a hot Florida day. another recommendation of mine, the Golden Road Hefeweizen. This craft beer is very light and flavorful.

But thats not all. If you arent a beer guy, Baseline also offers California wines on tap (such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay) or specialty cocktails!

And if you are traveling with little ones, the bar also offers non-alcoholic beverages such as soda on tap. Kids can choose from a delicious black cherry soda or wild strawberry lemonade!

And of course The food! Now, Baseline does not offer a full menu, so dont think this is a great place for dinner. However, they do offer some amazing small plate and snack options that are perfect for sharing with the whole family.

My personal favorite The Bavarian Pretzel, which is served with Beer-Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard (but I always opt for double cheese as I am not a huge fan of mustard). Pair this with a delicious Blood Orange Cider and you have yourself the perfect afternoon treat!

The pub also offers a California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate served on a charcuterie board, a Coffee-rubbed Rib-eye Steak Puff with Olive Salad and spiced almonds.

There is just something so special about Baseline Tap House that stands out to me from the other locations on property. Maybe its because Im a sucker for a good mom and pop pub. Or maybe it is because I love sipping on a beer, munching on a pretzel, and people watching with my friends and family.

But overall, I find Baseline Tap House very relaxing and a great place to take in some of the Disney atmospheres for a little while. Instead of running around the theme parks, killing those feet and sweating in the hot Floridian sun, stop by Baseline Tap House, even for one drink, and I promise, youll thank me later.

If you want to try out Baseline Tap House on your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation, but arent sure where to begin planning, then dont hesitate to reach out to our friends over at Academy Travel.

Click here to get your free travel quote today, and to get started planning that next magical Disney vacation.

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Op Ed: Baseline Is Hands Down One Of The Best Places On Disney Property - Inside the Magic

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Rant & Rave: Thank you to the mystery neighbor who softly practices their saxophone after dinner – Seattle Times

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RAVE to the mystery neighbor who softly practices jazz on the saxophone after dinner. It sounds like someone unwinding after a long day and the relaxation reaches out between our houses. Thank you for the music.

RANT to the person who threw a paver through the windshield of our car. Thanks a lot for wrecking my morning and messing up our week. Did you even think about the chaos you might cause to a busy family juggling three kids, three jobs and a parent with limited mobility? What happened to make you so inconsiderate, destructive and just plain mean? I hope you got $400 worth of enjoyment out of that moment, because thats how much we are paying for your little bit of fun.

RAVEtothe two young girls who walked around offering all the staffat an EvergreenHealth hospice center handmade beaded bracelets, some of which spelled out thank you. During an intense day as a hospice nurse, I was so touched by them. They made our day!

RANTto everyone walking in head-to-toe black clothing, glaring at me as I drive toward you. Trust me, I dont want to hit you, but I cant see you! I am driving as slowly and defensively as I can, but you need to do your part by being easier to be see at dusk and after dark. Well all be happier.

RAVEto the smiling lady who saw my need for a parking space at Alderwood mall and pointed out that she was leaving. Because of her kindness, I was able to be on time for my appointment.The world becomes a better place when we can do something to help someone else. This didnt cost her a thing, but to me, her kindness was immeasurable. I was pleased to pay this ladys kindness forward the next day.

RANT to our cable provider for canceling The Arts Channel from its list of programs. It was so relaxing to get away from the mayhem and violence of so many other channels. I realize not all the programs are enjoyed by everyone, but there was almost always something soothing at all times. Please consider returning The Arts Channel back to your list for oh so many of us!

RAVE to the Fred Meyer stores that have placed a recycling bin at their entrances for all those plastic bags and wrappers that we dont know what to do with. The instructions state specifically that they are not to go in general recycling bins.

RANT AND RAVERave to my late husband, who lived and died so courageously. Our 40 years together werent nearly long enough. Rant to phone scammers who are already preying on my loss, phishing for his information before hes even been cremated. Words cant express my disgust and despair.

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Rant & Rave: Thank you to the mystery neighbor who softly practices their saxophone after dinner - Seattle Times

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