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High needs babies as those who have a stronger attachment to their parents.

Raising a baby is both beautiful and challenging. At first, parents find it challenging to understand why a baby cries. But with time, they differentiate the cries, knowingwhen the baby is hungry, has colic, needs a diaper change, or a nap. Unfortunately, there is a category of babies who are more complicated and more challenging the high needs babies.

Not only are they extra fussy, but they always seem dissatisfied. The babies require more maintenance as well as demand more attention. Their personality makes parenting tiring and frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no diagnosis for high needs babies. How can you tell you are raising a high need baby? Below are signs of this personality and ways you can implement to help with parenting.

Some babies will be at peace with a baby sitter as long as all their needs get catered. It is also normal for 6-12month old babies to suffer from separation anxiety when left by their parents. This, however, does not apply to high needs babies as they have a stronger attachment to their parents. They may even go to extreme lengths of preferring one parent over the other. This intense connection makes it difficult for them to process their parent leaving. It should not come as a surprise when you find your little one crying his lungs out hours after you left.

High need babies also hate sitting in car seats as they feel separated. A simple ride to the park can cause agitation to these little ones as they hate feeling confined. For them, sitting at the back and not your arms makes them feel isolated.

What to do: Take turns caring for the baby to avoid having one favorite party. Also, introduce the nanny beforehand for your baby. Although your baby will cry when you leave, they will feel secure that they are with no stranger.

High needs babies are intense in all their actions. When demanding their needs, they will cry loudly and persistently. Delayed gratification is nowhere in their vocabulary. Most parents notice they have a high need baby right from birth. Even in their tiny state, they angrily clench their little fists when they feel their mother has taken long to feed them. They also become agitated when a mother misinterprets their cue.

It gets more robust in the toddler stage. These babies are always in high spirits and seem driven. They will enjoy exploring every corner around the home and experimenting with new things. Keeping them safe will be an exhilarating task since you always have to be on your toes.

Luckily, these babies can reciprocate the same energy when happy. These babies can melt your heart when they laugh. They also have no problem when feeding since they give it their all.

What to do: Always remain calm even whenever your baby is agitated. The incessant crying should not make you feel less of a parent. Instead, remind yourself that the personality will get better with time. Lastly, purchase fun and safe products for them.

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High needs babies have no idea how to entertain or calm themselves. They will need you to soothe them. Unlike other babies who may clap their hands repetitively or suck their fingers in an attempt to self appease, a high-need baby will cry out loud for you to assist them.

Besides, these babies can be extremely playful and active. When holding them, you will find them moving up and down your lap. Remaining still and relaxing is not part of who they are. You might also notice the same movement in their sleep. One sleeping position is not adequate for them.

What to do: Introduce one or two ways for your young one to get accustomed to when in an uncomfortable situation. It could be a favorite toy or relaxing music. In time, your kid will associate the doll or music with a happy hour.

For most babies, singing a song or rocking them can quickly help elevate their moods. Unfortunately, this is not the case with high need babies. They have explosive mood swings, which are not easy to cool. When happy, these babies become charmers, but when angry, nothing works on them. You will find it difficult gauging whether to carry your baby with you to the local store.

What to do: Since your baby is unpredictable, use trial and error. Since they have not acquired language to express their needs, guess till you make it. Make sure you remember that no one expects perfection in your parenting. You can also let them cry their emotions.

There will be days when your arms and feet have a story to tell. High need babies crave for skin-to-skin contact and may lurch on your breast for comfort, not feeding. They will also sleep deeply on your arms but wake up the moment you lay them in their crib. Moreover, they will demand to be held while in motion.

What to do: When your baby needs you to be in motion, try sitting in a rocking chair or a glide. This will reduce tension on your legs.

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