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Documentary shows have become very popular on Netflix now. From Tiger King to How to Fix a Drug Scandal, the streaming giant has added many docuseries to its growing collection.

The latest hit is Wild Wild Country, the gripping series about Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his assistant Ma Anand Sheela.

Netflix dropped the documentary back in 2018, but its trending on the streaming service again as many viewers search for quality and long-form TV content.

Heres everything you need to know about Ma Anand Sheela from the Netflix documentary.

Sheela from Wild Wild Country

Ma Anand Sheela was born in 1949 in Baroda, India. The 70-year-old served as a personal assistant to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the Rajneesh movement.

In 1981, Sheela moved to Wasco County, Oregon, where she continued to practice and spread the beliefs of the movement. There, Sheela was in charge of the so-called Rajneesh Foundation International, looking after business matters with Rajneesh and working as the spokesperson of the group.

However, a few years later Sheela was convicted for the attempted murder of 751 residents in Oregon which was also known as the Rajneeshee bioterror attack in 1984. At the time of writing, this remains the biggest ever biological attack in the US.

In 1986, Sheela pleaded guilty and received a 20-year-sentence. However, she spent only 3 years in prison and was released for good behaviour.

Sheela in Wild Wild Country

As revealed in the Netflix documentary, Sheela has lived in Switzerland for more than 20 years now.

After moving to Switzerland, Sheela married a Swiss man called Urs Birnsteil, whos a Rajneesh follower himself.

Sheela now lives in the countryside near Basel where she runs two nursing homes for old and disabled people with age-related diseases.

Its safe to say that after the likes of Tiger King, Wild Wild Country has become another favourite documentary for Netflix fans.

Some have claimed that they binge-watched the entire series and we can understand why.

@bigjimmurray skipped over Tiger King went right to Wild Wild Country.BLOWN AWAY by that entire series especially with the amount of footage they had from all the sides involved. The interviews were so good too & that Sheela is something else, great recommendation

licone (@aelicone) April 4, 2020

Im obsessed with Sheela. Anyone else?? (If you know, you know). *cough* WILD WILD COUNTRY*cough*

Yamile (@YamileSMendez) April 3, 2020



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Sheela from Netflixs Wild Wild Country: Where is she now? - Reality Titbit - Celebrity TV News

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