Priyanka Chopra says husband Nick Jonas "is a version of my father" –

Posted: March 24, 2020 at 2:47 pm

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Priyanka Chopra has compared Nick Jonas to her father as she opened up on their marriage and explained what attracted her to her pop-star husband.

The 37-year-old actress revealed that Jonas shares all of the positive attributes of her late father, Dr Ashok Chopra, as she made an appearance on Diane von Furstenberg's Spotify podcast InCharge with DVF.

"I always tell him that [he reminds me of my father]," Chopra disclosed. "I feel like my mother manifested him in my life. And you know, they always say that girls end up marrying someone who's like your father, and Nick is. He's someone whos the life of a party....

"He'll always have friends around him, he'll make people laugh, super thoughtful, conscientious, kind. I do feel like I ended up marrying a version of my dad."

Chopra - who famously has a tattoo of 'Daddy's lil girl' on her wrist - also revealed that her husband's attraction to her ambition makes their relationship powerful.

"I really feel like being with someone like my husband now, there's such an incredible power, and it's so attractive to me that he has nohe, he feels empowered when he sees me empowered," she explained.

"He'll stand on a carpet on the side and watch when theyre taking pictures. He'll, like, want to see things I've done. Like, he feels so proud. We wrote five things that we love about each other. And the first thing he said was, 'Your ambition'. I've never heard a guy say that."

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The couple first met in 2017 and were first pictured together on the Met Gala red carpet. Just three dates later, the couple got engaged.

Chopra has plenty of projects coming up. The Quantico star will play real-life bioterrorist Ma Anand Sheela - the righthand woman to Indian cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - in an upcoming project from Rain Man director Barry Levinson. She will also star alongside Richard Madden in spy series Citadel, which will premiere on Amazon Prime.

Meanwhile, Chopra and Jonas were sending fans love and warm wishes as they self isolate in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Hi everyone, I know it's an unsure time for all of us," Jonas said in a video on Instagram. "Hope you're doing okay. Sending you positive vibes."

Chopra added: "Let's just take care of each other. I hope every is safe out there. Lots of love."

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