‘I looked like her when I was young’: Ma Anand Sheela prefers Alia Bhatt over Priyanka Chopra for her biopic – DNA India

Posted: December 23, 2019 at 10:41 am

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Sheela Biernstiel who is popularly known as Ma Anand Sheela is a former spokeswoman of the Rajneesh Movement and an Indian born American-Swiss convicted criminal.

Ma Anand Sheela came into the limelight again after Netflix series Wild, Wild Country aired and she grabbed eyeballs for her witty comments and one-liners.

As per reports, Ma Sheela Anand came across as an influential and imposing stateswoman but the 70-year-old is full of warmth in one meets her in person.

She got involved in a lot of controversies in the 80s when she was a personal secretary for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and later pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault for the role she played in the 1984 Rajneeshee Bioterror Attack, however, several filmmakers from the film industry are now approaching her to bring her story to life on reel.

In a recent interview, Ma Anand Sheela spilled the beans about the time Priyanka Chopra had announced starring in a biopic based on her, she had sent Priyanka a legal notice not allowing her to do so. She said that she denied the Quantico actress permission to star in the biopic as she had not chosen her for the same.

Ma Sheela further revealed that she did not hear from Priyanka's team post her legal notice but that she never took it to heart.

When she was asked who she would prefer to play her in the biopic, Ma Sheela said that she wished Alia Bhatt played her as she looked more like Alia when she was young and sees a spunk in the Raazi actress that she had in her early days.

She further added that spunk is very important and natural, not artificial and made up and that Alia has that necessary spunk to play her on-screen.

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'I looked like her when I was young': Ma Anand Sheela prefers Alia Bhatt over Priyanka Chopra for her biopic - DNA India

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