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Posted: December 27, 2019 at 1:45 pm

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At Christmastide, the old folks often teased us when were young that there would be no more Christmas. And that would spoil our anticipation on the spot.

Really now, what if theres no Christmas anymore? Just like the story in the World Book years before Charles 2nd ruled as king. In 1649, when the Puritans led by Oliver Cromwell, took over London, they felt that celebrating Christmas had gotten out of hand.

A long round of vigorous feasting, boisterous pleasure-making had been the order of the season. Besides the downright display of excessive eating and drinking, people gambled, held jousting tournaments and pageants. No other group of people had ever spent the Christmas holidays in jollity but with disorder, in gaiety but with lust. The Puritans abolished Christmas and made it just another working day.

They even banned the baking of mince pies because their oblong shape looks like a manger, with a little image of infant Jesus; they found it too religious. But folks rebelled and ran riots. In 1660, they baked mince pies again when Christmas was back under King Charles 2nd.

Seriously, what if a blasphemous, neurotic person in power threatens to stop celebrating Christmas?

What is Christmas time for the kids but a time to warm the cockles of their hearts. As we say, Christmas is mostly for the children. Multitudes of carols waft in the air, children form bands of carolers who serenade enthusiastically some nights before Christmas to turn an honest penny. They amuse themselves of the frills of the Yuletide season the silvery tinsels on lamp posts; the glittering garlands hung at homes; the sparkling Christmas trees in living rooms adorned with neon lights and brightly-colored ornaments, and gift-boxes underneath. Children all bustle up on Christmas day awake with gladness with the whole family until the clock chimes midnight Noche Buena awe with glee to wear a newly-owned clothes and pairs of shoes, await with excitement for the gaily-wrapped gifts to reach their hands. To deprive them of the joys of Christmas is to take away the most-pleasant moments of childhood.

What is Christmas time for the musicians and writers but a time to give us the flavor and taste, sights and sounds and climes of Christmas inspired by their works. The contemporary carols, poems, essays and stories are being added to the wealth of classic Christmas music and literary heritage such as those of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, John Milton, Lord Tennyson, George Bernard Shaw, Dylan Thomas, Bing Crosby and Andy Williams. Or our-very-own Jose Mari Chan for his soulful-Christmas compositions today; international actress-singer Lea Salonga; and the Philippines greatest actress (according to National Artists Lino Brocka and Lamberto Avellana and critic-writer Alberto Florentino) and singer with a golden-voice Nora Aunor, who had recorded nine Christmas long-playing albums, 53 long-playing song albums and 238 music singles. We sing along with the best singers blending their voices so beautifully, or delight in reading fresh uplifting stories from the Christmas writers. To shun Christmas is to do it against the singers and writers creative validation that raises the seasons high hopes and spirit.

What is Christmas time for the faithful but a time to celebrate the real meaning of the birth of our Savior. Aside from the frivolous merrymakings, can we also strike a happy medium why cant soldiers and terrorists keep truce for peace to rule the world, as what Jesus laid down in creed? Why cant the powerful elected-officials feed a crowd of hungry people, serve with sense of loving and giving not with round-the-clock injustices and corruption that flatter and make a fortune all for themselves? To undo the real meaning of Christmas is to unfollow Jesus Christs teachings.

Imagine if we dont live by His rules. The world will be chaotic, topsy-turvy, in complete turmoil. Criminals, bad people and politicians can do just about anything or commit the worst crimes. They pay no mind to Jesus simple yet lofty teachings of giving food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless, consolation to the sick, more help to those seeking just a little. To put the most superficial and the least spiritual meaning to Christmas is in fact to make Christmas dead and done.

Pit M. Maliksi, took his Bachelor of Science degree in Library Science at the University of the Philippines. He taught at the Central Texas College and is an English language teacher at the Liceo de San Pablo. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Penleigh School Tanauan City. He founded the Philippine Axiologists Association and the Sto. Tomas, Batangas (STB) Mga Apo Ni Tomas, a civic society of young professionals. He was the most outstanding professor for 12 years at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, STB, where he is the educational program officer of Kiwanis International STB.

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