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Posted: October 19, 2019 at 1:46 pm

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The launch week of Where Will The Art Go? - a new campaign which aims to highlight the loss of significant cultural spaces in Dublin - consists of three events; at the Bernard Shaw, The Workman's Club and Lost Lane.

Coming Monday, October 21, She Networks' campaign Where Will The Art Go? launches with a special showcase at the Bernard Shaw. The party will feature Dublin alt-rock band Gypsies on the Autobahn, as well as voices from the growing hip hop scene in Dublin such as UppBeat, amongst others.

The launch at the Bernard Shaw is followed by the Indigo Sessions at The Workman's Club on Wednesday.

One day later, on Thursday, the launch will close with showcases by Little Hours, KTG and Nathan Mac at Lost Lane. Get your tickets here.

The Where Will The Art Go? campaign has three purposes: To give a place for our homegrown and local talent to share their concerns and showcase their work, to market the venues that nurture this development in order for them to fill seats and become more sustainable and finally, to show the government and the city council how important culture is to its people.

Initiated by Rebecca Breene McDonnell, Where Will The Art Go? was a concept that she and her business partner Sorcha have spent many years thinking about. According to the women themselves, "the campaign came into fruition following BodyTonic's announcement that the cultural safe space, The Bernard Shaw, would be closing its doors at the hands of Dublin City Council."

"Nobody is taking action, so we must and we will", McDonnell says. "We are fortunate that we went to a media university and have a large network of people we can work with and we promise that we will use this positively. We want to be a lighthouse in this storm, starting with this campaign."

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UppBeat, Gypsies on the Autobahn to play Where Will The Art Go? launch at Bernard Shaw - hotpress.com

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