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Posted: February 17, 2021 at 5:51 pm

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Bill Gates: Billionaire and philanthropist wrote about how to avoid a climate disaster and spoke to the public about the book and the lessons to be learned from epidemics: Changing the quality of life in rich countries does not solve climate change

There are only choices to reach the top, and there are compelling questions

Catalonia: Republicans want to join Independence Committee

Epidemic: Govt-19 decline in 94% of municipalities

Novo Bango: Government awaits Deloitte censorship for new injection

Single ticket: Paraguayro wants train and bus connecting Pharaoh to Prague

Culture: Support is on paper, but the sector points out shortcomings and delays

News Diary:

Opposition gay lobby: DC leader agitates promoting homosexuality.

Praa do Imprio: Petition for possession of castles already in Lisbon legislature: I will fix the garden and meet soon, S Fernandez

Back to School: The first week went well, but there are still many difficulties

Govt stole 12 million tourists and 3 billion revenue

Marcelino da Mata: No military honor in farewell to the Portuguese militarys most feared African command

Algoba Monastery repairs are done with lime and sand. No concrete, guarantees traditional DG

Liberals with more than 50% of the vote and open door in Catalonia

There is no stopping parties in Hollywood (virtual) from Lord of the Rings to Return from the Future'

Morning Mail:

Rangal without money to deliver justice. Says he was fired and has no income

READ (Referendum) War budget? IPhone SE 2020 vs Galaxy S20 FE

There are more than 20,000 government employees

Retired old man killed in garden

Sporting-P. Ferreira: Its like a title in the Kingdom of Leono

Jesus betrayed by the clock

Epidemic. Teachers demand reimbursement

Baby dies due to lack of care

Family compensated for missing baby foot test

Incentives for 17 thousand internships and jobs


Europic obligated to pay customers deceived by PPN

Exposed. Racism. A year later Markas case without convicts

Game-Banos de Ferreira. Catch Me If You Can

Psychological support for nurses and doctors shoots up the plague

Hospitals transfer patients without notifying families

Travel. Government inspects certificates for survivors

Raised: Commission proposes same access rules

Public Service: Antonio Costa appoints 20,000 people to the state by 2020

Tourism: Less than 12 million foreigners

Journal I:

Have a good time. Youre home

Distance Learning: Video Conference Classes with Teachers Signature Only

PSD needs a psychologists test'

Luis Menisse Laidio throws himself into the noise frame

Portuguese-speaking community discusses independence movement

The government chooses to test heavily. Leading Schools and Factories

European Passover: Eliza Ferreira guarantees no delays

George Bernard Shaw: God Consider Man in Heaven'

Companies: Majority Says Government Support Is Not Enough


Sports 10 points higher than FC Porto

Benfica. Heldon doesnt know either

England. Games with Benfica are always special

FC Porto: I never played against Ronaldo. Pepe wants to beat his young friend

READ Drone footage shows the shocking decline of Arecibo Laboratory


Leo easily wins and returns to escape the lead

Benfica. Jesus is safe until the end of the season

FC Porto. A win in history


Lions win seventh in a row and dig the gap for second place

FC Porto. Pepe challenges to break the problem of keeping the Dragons undefeated

Benfica: Worst of 1954 only

Avatars complain to CA of arbitration errors

France. Ronnie Lobs and hot feet will score three goals in two games

Prague. Borja multiplies goals bisexually

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