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Todays birthdays

Janet Suzman, actress, 82

Carole King, singer/songwriter, 79

Joe Pesci, actor, 78

Mia Farrow, actress, 76

Gordon Strachan, football manager, 64

Sandy Lyle, golfer, 63

Glenn McGrath, former cricketer, 51

Darren Ferguson, football manager, 49

Tom Hiddleston, actor, 40

Michael B Jordan (pictured), actor, 34

Rose Leslie, actress, 34

1540: The first recorded horse racing meeting in Britain was held at the Roodeye Field, Chester.

1855: The Devils Footprints appeared in snowbound South Devon 100miles of cloven hoofprints, eight inches apart in a single line and measuring four inches by two.

1865: Mrs Patrick Campbell, the actress famous for creating roles such as Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion (1914), was born Beatrice Tanner in London. Her stage name came from her elopement in 1884 with a Patrick Campbell and she kept it despite a later marriage as well as a well-documented relationship with the playwright George Bernard Shaw.

1891: Ronald Colman, English actor who became a romantic star in Hollywood, was born in Richmond, Surrey. His films included The Prisoner Of Zenda.

1893: The worlds first public striptease took place at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

1942: Soap rationing began in Britain.

1949: Actor Robert Mitchum was jailed in Los Angeles for smoking marijuana.

1961: The Beatles made their first appearance at Liverpools Cavern Club during a lunchtime session.

1964: Beatlemania gripped America as around 70million tuned in to see the Fab Four on the Ed Sullivan Show.

1981: Rock n roller Bill Haley died. He spearheaded the 1950s rock revolution with Rock Around The Clock.

2020: The Solar Orbiter, a spacecraft designed and built in the UK, prepared for launch on its journey to unlock the secrets of the Sun.

I like to think Ive got a pretty high tolerance. I wear a lot of glitter and I wear a lot of armour and I also wear my heart on my sleeve, but it gets broken a lot Singer Miley Cyrus (pictured) during her star-studded pre-Super Bowl performance.

You dont always have to be doing something. You can just be, and thats plenty US author Alice Walker

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