Yoga, reading, and burglary : the funny vacation of Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie in India –

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In may, Game of Thrones drew to a close after eight intense seasons. Although finite, the series allows actors to build sustainable links. This is the case between Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslieinterpret, respectively, Daenerys Targaryen and the wildvine Ygritte. The two Brits have even decided to go on vacation this summer together, in the direction of India.

Reading, yoga, spirituality On the spot, the hour was at rest and the discovery of new cultures. On his account Instagram, Emilia Clarke has had the pleasure to share a few pictures of his stay, as well as a story particularly hilarious. This is not an advertisement, but just two girls in the charm of India, in peace, just to get rob in their hotel room by monkeys, writes the British the age of 32 years. On one of the photos revealed, we can indeed see two primates standing on the coffee table in the small living room. Far from being scared, the latter draws blithely fruit in a generous cup, while the other two seem to cast their sights on other table. We didnt beat them !, commented with humor the famous mother of dragons.

In the video, Kit Harington background in tears reading the end of Game of Thrones

Two fractures aneurysm

Hilarious, many internet users reacted to the publication of the British. The latter was recently revealed to have been a victim of two fractures aneurysm after the filming of season 1 of Game of Thrones. I was trying to dress me up in the locker room of the gym in Crouch End () when I started to feel an intense migraine, says the young woman in a long tribune published in the New Yorker. I went to the toilet, I fell to my knees and I began to vomit profusely. The pain was worse. I immediately knew that my brain was affected. Emilia Clarke undergoes the same day, an operation for three hours, and out of the hospital, a month later, to do the promo from the series planet. In 2013, a second aneurysm would take her back to surgery. If its going a lot better since then, the actress-star now intends to enjoy every moment.

The evolution mode of Emilia Clarke

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Yoga, reading, and burglary : the funny vacation of Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie in India -

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