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Posted: May 19, 2020 at 9:42 am

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Sydney, 2020: Yoga and meditation have boomed during COVID-19, the increased uptake celebrated this Meditation Day 2020.

Meditation and yoga have seen an increase in uptake with people social-distancing seeking to keep active while staying indoors. With yoga studios forced to close due to Government restrictions, many moved their classes online including Sydney Yoga Collective (SYC).

SYC Founder and Head Yogi, Casey Castro, said: Moving classes online to our on demand model has increased our student reach tenfold. We are now reaching students all over Australia, Asia, the US, and Russia.

With all the uncertainty around quarantine, social distancing, and working from home, we have seen a huge increase in wellness. People are turning to alternative ways to manage their bodies and mind. Our students are taking the time to move slowly, move with purpose and become more mindful in their everyday lives.

Yoga and meditation has also extended into work-life, with Corporate Wellness expert Rob Lyon and founder of Lyon Health offering regular classes for his c-suite clientele.

Its been fantastic to see so many of my corporate clients encouraging their employees to partake in regular yoga and meditation classes. With so much happening right now, stress and anxiety are rife. These simple activities offer a fantastic way for the staff both employees and employers to relax the body and mind, offering clarity, improving mental health, and increasing their productivity and work output for the rest of the day.

I think its also important for employees to see their employers care for their mental wellbeing. It makes a real difference to company morale, and we all need a bit more support right now in the Coronavirus environment.

Australian law firm, Chambers Russell, is offering employees and staff regular yoga and meditation classes with Rob. James Blake, one of the Partners at the firm, has been a regular attender.

A big part of our culture is geared towards assisting staff with maintaining physical and mental well-being . . . It was a natural progression to carry that over to COVID-19. In fact, it was probably more important than ever given the mental wellbeing challenges that came with enforced isolation and changing the way we work completely.

Personally, I can attest to feeling significantly better and being more productive on days when I have attended yoga with Rob.

For more information, please contact Account Coordinator Sophie Richardson on [emailprotected]

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PRESS RELEASE: Boom of yoga and meditation celebrated this World Meditation Day 2020 - Media Database - Get the Word Out

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