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Posted: September 4, 2020 at 7:56 pm

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Yoga has several mental and health benefits and one of the most important ones is its impact on the symptoms of depression. Yoga relaxes our mind and improves mood. So, heres how it reduces the effects of depression.

We are well-versed with the health benefits of yoga. Now, several studies have shown that its highly beneficial for depression also. Yoga therapy is often used to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood to relax our mind. Practising different yoga poses helps to soothe our mind like meditation.

Depression is a prolonged state of sadness and low mood that consists of lack of concentration, appetite problems and sleep issues. People dealing with depression have feelings of dejection, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts sometimes.

Heres how yoga can help to deal with depression:

Yoga therapy and depression

According to doctors, yoga therapy is highly beneficial for depression. But if you cant do yoga, then meditation with physical movement will also provide the same effects. So, these are the benefits of yoga on the treatment of depression:

Improving mood and providing relaxation

Yoga helps to release serotonin, a happy hormone. Serotonin plays a major role in the treatment of depression and makes us feel happy. It has been seen that people dealing with depression have a very lower level of serotonin. So, yoga is good to rise up the level.

On the other hand, yoga has a calming effect and a positive vibe on our mind. So, it is good for relaxation and for reducing stress and anxiety.

Yoga also increases heart rate variability (HRV) by providing relaxation. A high HRV means our body is self-monitoring to stress. Yoga postures can also:

1. Lower blood pressure.

2. Ease breathing.

3. Increase pain tolerance.

Important yoga poses to reduce depression

These are some of the yoga poses that have positive impact to alleviate mood and combat depression:

1.Urdhva Hastasana in Tadasana.

2.Adho Mukha Svanasana.

3.Viparita Dandasana.


5.Setu bandhaSarvangasana.

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How yoga helps to ease the symptoms of depression? - PINKVILLA

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