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Ember, the latest NPC to arrive in Fortnite, will assign players with the Fire Yoga questline. There are five stages, which can be considered the best way of leveling up in Chapter 3 Season 8.

The first stage involves destroying a fireplace at one of several different POIs. After that, they can set ten structures on fire and emote within 5 meters of a smoking car. The fourth stage is to ignite an opponent with a firefly jar, which can admittedly require players to have stellar aim.

The final stage to complete the Fire Yoga questline is to heal at a campfire.

Ember will be found to the west of the orchard, a landmark introduced in Chapter 2 Season 1. The orchard can be found to the northeast of Corny Crops. There's a hill to the west of that landmark where Ember will be wandering around. Players can get close to the hill and see the familiar chat icon come up on their minimap.

Stage one is to destroy a fireplace at one of several POIs, which isn't too difficult. Stage two and stage four require firefly jars, so keep those on hand. The former stage can be done with the Dragon's Breath sniper, but that's an Exotic. Stage three requires damaging a car until it smokes.

The final stage of Ember's Fire Yoga questline is simple: heal at a campfire. Campfires can be found all across the Fortnite map. There are nearly 100, so finding one shouldn't be too difficult.

The best locations for campfires are near bodies of water. There are multiple campsites near rivers which come with campfires. Fortnite players will need to have less than 85 health for this to work. They can then activate it, receive a bit of health and complete the challenge.

The full questline is:

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These Fortnite challenges are all live.

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Ember Fire Yoga questline: Where to find and heal from a campfire in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 - Sportskeeda

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