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Posted: June 3, 2018 at 1:45 am

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Could it be that AIs will be vastly different from what we imagine them to be, not only being able to think faster and be far more intelligent by multiple powers of ten, but have a completely different understanding of the world?

The first AIs willf or sure be made more or less in ouw own image, cause we dont have that much to go by but ourselves, but what about AIs designed by AIs, designed by AIs?What about Intelects which have a completely different "mind architecture" not based on our mamal brains?

Could such a Mind make new discoveries we would not have been able to make because we are limited by our biology?

could such a mind solve philosophical problems we have not been able to solve?

We for example can, with absolut certainty, only say "I think therefore Iam", everything else is not really (at least from the philosophical viewpoint) verifiable, but could an advanced mind, which i have described above, be able to be certain about more things, like the existence of an outside world etc.?

What do you think?

Transhumanism - reddit

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