Transhumanism, Psychological Warfare and B.E.P.’s "Imma Be"

Posted: March 5, 2015 at 8:30 am

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The article named The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music briefly explored the transhumanist theme of the Black Eyed Peas video Imma Be/Rock that Body. Vigilant Citizen collaborator LVB expands on this subject and describes the Psychological Warfare techniques used in this video.

The Black Eyed Peas Imma Be / Rock that Body video is a masterpiece of high tech computer-generated imagery and state of the art digital music production. It is also one of the most blatant examples of Psychological Warfare and deception that I have ever seen in modern mass media. This article will discuss

1) What Transhumanism actually is.

2) The massive use of Psychological Warfare techniques in this video and all forms of mass media.

3) Analysis of the video, itself to show you how these psychological concepts, the occult and Transhumanist symbolism and the deceptive storyline are integrated in this video to promote the dangerous agenda of the cult known as Transhumanism.

Transhumanism is the name of a movement that claims to support the use of all forms of technology to improve human beings. It is far more than just a bunch of harmless and misguided techie nerds, dreaming of sci-fi movies and making robots.

It is a highly organized and well financed movement that is extremely focused on subverting and replacing every aspect of what we are as human beings including our physical biology, the individuality of our minds and purposes of our lives and the replacement of all existing religious and spiritual beliefs with a new religion of their own which is actually not new at all.

For now, lets just start at the start.

The term Transhumanism was coined by biologist Julian Huxley in 1957, who defined it as man remaining man, but transcending himself, by realizing new possibilities of and for his human nature.

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Transhumanism, Psychological Warfare and B.E.P.'s "Imma Be"

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