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Posted: September 6, 2017 at 12:47 pm

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Transhumanism is a movement that seeks to find the solutions to mankind problems in robotics, genetic modification and general human involvement in what would be perceived to be natural processes. This movement is often perceived as the enemy of religion because the views contrast so strongly, but that need not be the case.

To learn more about transhumanism, robotics and related concerns, visit Human Paragon, a leading resource for anyone in the Transhumanism community and anyone seeking more information. For info on how this connects to Christianity, read on.

Were All After the Same Thing

Christians and transhumanists both want to better mankind, to reduce poverty, suffering and illness the world over. These two goals are the same, and any groups that so strongly share the same ideals should not be the enemy of one another.

Transhumanists seek to better understand the genetic makeup of mankind in order to find ways of tweaking this. It is artificial evolutionand if as Christians we can accept evolution and the way that this ties into our beliefs, then surely we can so the same with the science of transhumanism. After all, it is our duty on this earth to love and to careto be altruistic. And there is nothing more loving and caring the using our natural talents and intelligence to mold the world around us in order to remove the problems we face every day.

Is It What God Would Want?

God created mankind in his image, God created a world that he deemed to be perfect, so why should we change that, right? Well you only need to look around you to see that humanity is anything but perfect and that we have near-destroyed the world He created.

If finding solutions to these problems is wrong, then how can causing these problems be right? How can it be okay to build nuclear weapons, to cause climate change, to destroy thousands of acres of natural forestry and to care the extinction of thousands of Gods creatures? None of this is right and if we continue as we are, the well only make that situation worse.

Drastic times call for drastic measures and when the world is in ruin and there seems to be little hope, the idea of transhumanism could be the answer. And if we really are created in his image then that means that everything we are came from him; everything we know and everything we have at our disposal is his. So, transhumanism could therefore not be seen as something against God, but a way of performing Gods will, a way of righting the wrongs.

Im not saying thats the case, Im just saying that there are many ways to look at this and that the ideas of groups like the transhumanists should not be so readily dismissed on religious grounds.

Learn More

As mentioned above, Human Paragon is a great place to learn more about this, and its important that you do. These techniques and ideals might actually help to bring parts of the Christian story to life. Its the only way any of us can live as long as Methuselah, the only way we can truly scale the heights that our lord set for us.

So, lets not fight it and lets at least try to understand it.

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