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Things to do in Thailand in low budget for Budget Trip

Thailand is often listed as one of the budget-friendly countries for travelers. Although the cities like Bangkok, Phuket, etc are often labeled as a party destination for their bustling lives, rich nightlife, exotic personality, traffic jams, etc. the cities are also loaded with exciting activities that people can indulge in when running short of money. The irony of traveling to Thailand is that it is both an exotic and budget-friendly destination for travelers.

From cheap food stalls to devour the taste of Thai cuisine to hostels and apartments to rent out a comfortable lounging space the country has its many facets that unfold as you take Pattaya Tour Packages. Solo travelers and backpackers vouching for its cost-effectiveness, Thailand is celebrated by travelers of all kinds. Here are some of the things you can do in Thailand on a low budget!

The Bangkok Night Markets

It is always good to visit the stunningly beautiful malls decorated with idealistic interiors and presentation of vivid brand stores. But in Bangkok, the true excitement races in when you hit the night market. The vibe of the night markets is an instant connect with the city taking you on a tour to explore the artistic minds of the people here. Known for its shopping experience, the markets treat you with cheap handicraft, steal deal clothes, gadgets, home dcor items, etc. You can walk from cheap food stalls, entertainment zones, local stores to electrifying dance moves and party feel inside the market. And as you hop on the SkyTrain the lifeline of Bangkok, you are sure to save up on a lot while you make your way to one of these truly exciting markets.

Cruising on Chao Phraya River

Chap Phraya River is one of the sacred rivers of Thailand known for its holy waters. The astounding beauty of the river with its flow across the villages and iconic old cities, the journey through the river is truly an excruciating experience. Hop on the traditional cruise running from centuries now to connect to the lost world of Thailand and make your way through the river. The twists and turns greet you with new views every minute. Sitting on a comfortable lounge deck, you can spend some time your partner to soak into the beauty of this truly serene river.

The city of Ayutthaya

Nothing better than taking some time out to explore the culture and heritage of the country! In Thailand, Ayutthaya, the old capital is where you get all your questions answered. The ruins of Ayutthaya are truly iconic in their beauty and feel. The city had once been home to several palaces and iconic structures, the remains of which are much more stunning today. Hop on a traditional cruise to make your way to the city of Ayutthaya on a cruise and travel all day long hoping from different temples, palaces, and ruins of the city. Wat Arun, Wat Phro, and Wat Saket are popular temples to visit. Your Google Pin is your best friend as you explore on a budget!


Popular across the world for its iconic name, Chinatown is like mini China in Thailand. As the sun sets, the Chinatown comes to life. Flooded with street food stalls, restaurants, candy stores, and entertainment arenas, Chinatown is your ticket to budget-friendly eating in Thailand. The numerous stalls and restaurants serve the finest of food in Thailand at seriously low prices. The beauty of this place is that it is always crowded and bustling with activities to notice and enjoy. Immerse into the culinary world of Thailand as you take a bite of the Pad Thai Noodles, Thai curry or rice sitting on the corner of the street. If you crave for some fun or night out to eat or shop around Chinatown can be an exciting plan!

Lumpini Park and Muay Thai fight

Spend some time boating on the artificial lake that overlooks the splendid skyline of the Bangkok city. Lumpini Park is a heavenly park with its greenery, collection of flowers, fresh air, and peace. On a regular evening, you shall find groups of people practicing Tai Chi, spending time with their partners or playing around in the park. After enjoying a beautiful sunset in the park, you can head to the MBK Shopping Mall for cheap shopping endeavors. MBK is also popular for hosting evening Muay Thai fights for free. This entertainment sport is a unique fight in action practicing the art of Muay. With ring girls, flashy lights and fighters in action you get a completely entertaining evening for free!

Pattaya Offshore Islands

Pattaya is also celebrated not just for its city life but some of the iconic islands off its coast that are closer than they appear. Hop on the local boats to make your way to these stunning groups of islands and spend some time in nature. An instant disconnect from the city life, the islands like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Bon, etc are truly breathtaking. Spend an entire day island hopping and soaking in the view of the limestone pillars, Rock Mountains, golden sand beaches, emerald green water and more. As you immerse in the trip yourself or through the Pattaya Tour Packages, you unfold many mysteries of marine life without blowing up your budget.

Chatuchak Market

Even if you hate shopping, you cannot ignore the spectacular offering of the Chatuchak Market. With over 8000 stalls spread over an area of 27 acres, this market is one of the largest markets in the world. The unending number of local stores and stalls here sell anything and everything that one can imagine. The endless offerings of this market are perfect for a shopper to spend almost an entire day shopping, bargaining, and eating! If you have a niche in bargaining, try your skills here and buy the best of things on cheap deals.

Being a budgeted traveler is no issue with Thailand. The exotic beaches, lively markets, shopping hubs, museums, parks, and iconic islands fit your bill right while filling your pocket with memories and experiences!

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Things to do in Thailand in low budget for Budget Trip -

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