Facilitator/Trainer for Baseline Survey

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The Intergeneration Deaf Education Outreach Project - IDEO JSDF TF 099058

TERMS OF REFERENCE Facilitator/Trainer for Baseline Survey

Project: Intergeneration Deaf Education Outreach Title: Facilitator/Trainer for Baseline Survey Report to: Project Manager


The Intergenerational Deaf Education Outreach Project IDEO is implemented by World Concern Development Organization (WCDO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) through four years (2011 2015) in four provinces of Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City. The Project is funded by the Japanese Social Development Fund, entrusted to the management of the World Bank.

Project Goal: To assist young deaf children to integrate into mainstream society, by piloting an innovative joint family and institution-based delivery system comprising screening, family support, and preschool services.

Main Objectives/Components:

Component 1: Demonstrating joint family-institution pre-school education for deaf children and developing essential knowledge base The component aims to create affordable ways of helping families with a deaf child via a 5-fulltime-person Family Support Team (comprising of two deaf "Family Mentors", one sign language teacher, one hearing teacher of the deaf children, and one hearing communication facilitator/interpreter) placed in each of the six centers/schools countrywide. In each selected center/school a model classroom will be established and resourced for use during training and to try out checklists and procedures, etc. The program will provide deaf children with early opportunities to acquire sign language in parallel with the ongoing opportunities to learn to speak through speech therapy and build up their parents knowledge and confidence about their children's capacity to communicate, learn and engage with a wider community.

An essential knowledge base will be established to support training, monitor the efficacy of educational approaches for young deaf children, conduct demonstration of program mechanisms and outcomes, and devise assessment tools for language development of the child. This knowledge base will provide information on preschool deaf education from local and global sources within Vietnam, and also support the use of research-based knowledge during decision-making processes about educational placement and communication for deaf children.

Component 2: Developing professional human resources for pre-school deaf education This component aims to train deaf adults to become family educators, hearing signing people to facilitate communication between hearing and deaf people in family and school settings, and hearing teachers of deaf children to assess and accommodate student language needs so that together they can provide effective preschool readiness services for deaf children and their families. This component will support the demonstration model in Component 1 to form Family Support Teams (FST). There will be the involvement from various international and national experts in training and supervising the activities.

Facilitator/Trainer for Baseline Survey

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