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Posted: September 27, 2019 at 1:43 pm

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Swaddled in a bathrobe with a piping hot herbal tea in hand and views across the crystalline Caribbean Sea, its difficult to feel stressed at the YHI Spa in Cancun.

The Paradisus hotels in-house spa is built on a sprawling scale, with a whole floor dedicated to itsAsian-style wellness centre. Guests can enjoy hydrotherapy facilities, steam room, sauna, a state-of the art gym and a smorgasbord of bespoke treatments.

Blending ancient Mayan principles with Asian-style massage techniques, the YHI Spa is the perfect place to melt away any last vestiges of tension and detoxify after too many all-inclusive Pina Coladas.

(Paradisus Hotel Cancun)

The YHI Spa is designed to create an immersive wellness experiencewith Thai-style wooden huts for guests to recover in between treatments and restorative exercise classes like Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates.

The spa specialises in kick-starting recovery and alleviating stress from hectic city life by drawing on ancient Mayan principles combined with cutting edge technology and eco-friendly products. The spas signature IX Chel collection is inspired by the Mayan God of love and includes a healing wrap, hydrotherapy and facials using traditional ingredients like aromatic salts and chocolate oil.

it alsooffers a full beauty salon where guests can treat themselves to a pedicure, manicure, haircutor a makeover by a professional make-up artist.

Guests are led through a private door into a bright atrium with sofas and a bountiful array of flavoured water and herbal teas. A water fountain tinkles in the background while therapists usher guests into a changing room to dispose of their possessions and change into downy dressing gowns.

I had been complaining about tension in my shoulders and neck so the therapist suggested I get a 50-minute deep tissue massage. I was led intoatreatment room decorated in soothing purples and mahogany wood furnishings. The therapist spent the next 50minutes rubbing, slathering and kneading my weary limbs with aromatic oils as I teetered on the edge of sleep.

The full-body massage aims to release blocked energy, reduce pain and stiffness and encourage lymphatic drainage in the body. Its safe to say it did what it said on the tin; at the end of the massage my body felt positively supple and I was barely sentient.

(Paradisus Hotel Cancun)

There are plenty of other treatments to choose from including facials for anti-ageing and acne-prone skin, salt scrubs, body wraps and Ayurvedic style massages. At the end of every treatment guests are encouraged to hydrate with detoxifying tea and make use of the spa and sauna facilities to expel any lingering toxins.

The YHI Spa is the perfect setting to recalibrate and relax, the tension in my neck and shoulders had completely gone at the end of my treatment and I walked out with a spring in my step. Get the most out of your visit by committing half a day to use all the facilities from the fitness classes to the hydrotherapy rooms.

Deep Tissue Massage $165 for 50 minutes,

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Spa of the week: YHI Spa at the Paradisus Hotel, Cancun - Evening Standard

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