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Posted: December 21, 2020 at 3:00 am

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James Kon

Members of the public were awestruck by the 12 martial arts performances at the opening of the Martial Arts Open Day at the Jerudong Park Garden yesterday, held as part of the Brunei December Festival 2020.

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) and guest of honour Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali thanked organisers, the masters and participants parents for making the event a success.

Our journey will not stop here. We will continue to work with media agencies and the government to produce a video series of all martial arts involved at this event.

We will also work with our partner to produce a Brunei version of Tekken. This is an initiative we have been dreaming of creating, and we need local martial art exponents support, because the character in the game will be you. I will be working very hard on this and hope this will materialise in a few months.

We have another project on December 27, and have invited some of the martial art exponents here. We plan to carry out another Brunei Book of Record event, with 2,020 tai chi practitioners in the country performing at several different locations simultaneously. The number 2,020 is to commemorate the Brunei-China Year of Tourism 2020, and also marks the Brunei December Festival 2020, Wardi said.

Wardi launched the Martial Arts Open Day by punching through a wooden board.

The martial arts showcased were Silat (Penguruan Pencak Silat Warisan Pelangi Brunei Darussalam), Taekwondo (Brunei Darussalam Taekwondo Association), Karate (Shitoryu Karate Association Brunei Darussalam), Shainji Kempo (Persaudaraan Shorinji Kempo Brunei Darussalam), Muay Thai (BDM Muay Thai), MMA, Hapkido, Judo (Judo Academy SSBN), Kendo (Kendo Federation of Brunei Darussalam) and Wushu (Brunei Darussalam Wushu Federation).

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Of flying kicks and seamless executions - Borneo Bulletin Online

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