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Satay (6 Chicken Skewers)

chicken tender marinated with light herbs and coconut milk. served with our own delicious Peanut sauce, complimented with cucumber salad.

Spring Roll (2 Rolls)

fresh thai crepes filled with cucumbers, bean sprouts, tofu and scrambled eggs, topped with plum sauce and green onions.

Pot Sticker (8) (vegetable)

deep fried combination of cabbage, celery, onion, carrot, black mushroom and garlic wrapped in pastry.

Shu Mai

steamed shrimp dumpling served with a special thai vinegar & soy sauce, it's a very country style stuff.

Roti (asian Pancake)

asian pancake made of dough and egg, served with a side of malaysian chicken curry.


*hot and spicy upon request

Chicken (for Two)6.95

Shrimp (for Two)7.95

Hot And Sour Soup*

chicken breast (or shrimp), fresh mushrooms, kaffer lime leaves, crushed chili peppers, cilantro and fresh lemon juice in a lemon flavored broth.

Fresh Tofu And Chicken*

fresh tofu with chicken broth, mushroom, napa and green onions. it is a really delicious thai country soup.

Chicken (for Two)6.95

Shrimp (for Two)7.95

Coconut, Hot & Sour Soup*

traditional thai style with chicken breast(or shrimp) and fresh mushrooms in a tart lime broth and lemon grass, hot chili, cilantro, coconut ,milk and fresh lemon juice.


*hot and spicy upon request

Cucumber Salad*

fresh cucumber with a sweet and sour dressing topped with red onions and jalapeno peppers.

Pla Kong (shrimp Salad)*

shrimp mixed with chili paste, red onions, lemon grass, cilantro and lime juice. served on a bed of lettuce.

Seafood Salad*

boiled shrimp, squid and scallops mixed with chili paste, red onions, lemon grass, cilantro and lime juice served om a bed if lettuce.

Chicken (neem Sand)*

steamed chicken with lemon juice, fresh ginger, green onions and hot peppers, garnished with green leaf lettuce, and tomatoes.

Squid Salad (yum Squid)*

a really unique salad, fresh squid tossed with red onions, green lettuce leaves and cucumbers seasoned with our distinctive sauce.

Noodles - Spicy Basil Noodle

all noodles can be choice of hot, medium or mild


onion, bell pepper & peapods

Thai Entrees - Basil

served hot, medium or mild. your choice of meat with basil leaves, crushed fresh garlic, sweet pepper, green onion & mushroom in our special sauce.

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