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Praise for Wendy De Rosa & the Intuitive Healer Training Program

Past students RAVE about the Intuitive Healer Training Program. This is the most in-depth, evolutionary, supportive, and powerful training and certification course of its kind. But you dont have to take our word for it

Im weaving the tools into my therapeutic work with my clients.The tools Im learning within the program are helping to heal me at such deep levels. And, Im weaving them throughout my therapeutic work with clients. I appreciate your work and your teachings! Meryl Fields, MFT, California

A commitment to my intuitive knowledge.As a result of taking the Intuitive Healer Training Program, I see the importance of connecting to Divine source throughout the day. I seal myself (energetically) when I am about to spend time around draining people or in negative situations. I take care of myself and remove myself as a way of getting what I need. I have much gratitude for my gifts, commitment to my intuitive knowledge. I have gotten to know my body energetically and have a deeper appreciation for the support I can feel and sense in the universe Beth DeGennaro

Im connected to the Divine and to my light.I feel like I am a better, healthier, kinder, more gentle and compassionate person having gone through the training program. I am connected to the Divine, to grace, to my light. Wendy, I have so much gratitude for you. You are such a light! Such a gift and I feel so deeply blessed and honored to have you in my life. Meryl, Connecticut

I own my emotions, energy and power, now.I feel so peaceful in my skin compared to what I used to be. I own my emotions now. I can feel extreme anger and within a few minutes, let it go. I also own my power. I used to avoid challenging and difficult conversations. I also own my energy and I can tell what is not mine. Yvette Herbert

I have the tools now to establish energetic boundaries.Im owning my voice much more. Though my family of origin canand doesstill trigger me, Ive now got tools to help me establish energetic boundaries.. Im owning my power to choose how much to give to others.. I have acknowledged, cried, and worked to release past wounds that got completely overlooked in the pasteven though Ive done decades of therapy. My intuitive sense can be harnessed, instead, as a gift and I can learn how to protect my energy. Anonymous

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The Intuitive Healer Training Program | Wendy De Rosa's ...

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