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Posted: March 31, 2020 at 8:41 am

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Sound therapist and meditation teacher Sara Auster. Courtesy Sara Auster

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Sound therapist and meditation teacher Sara Auster has worked in mindfulness for more than 10 years, leading yoga and meditation sessions and sound baths. Sound baths are therapeutic experiences that use sound to restore and nurture the mind and bodythink soothing, resonant, and gentle sounds that lull participants into a meditative state.

Auster, 41, is one of the preeminent voices on sound baths as the author of Sound Bath: Meditate, Heal and Connect Through Listening. She has held one-on-one sound baths as well as sessions for groups of as many as 10,000 people in venues such as Madison Square Garden and at events like SXSW and the Sundance Film Festival.

At a time when people are more homebound than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic, Auster is offering free sound baths three times a week on Instagram Live.

As the awareness and desire for sound baths grows, I continue to explore ways to engage with people beyond in-person events and recordings, Auster says. In a time of crisis, my first thought is usually, How can I help? The answer to that question in this particular moment inspired me to start a live virtual offering.

Auster, who is based in New York, says she has been moved by the response from participants who tune in from all over the world, including from Japan, France, Australia, and more. Auster says several corporations have also requested private virtual sound baths to help their teams de-stress.

We are in an unprecedented state of anxiety and unknowns. Ive long seen the effect that sound baths can have on people to calm the mind, release stress, and invite in compassion and connection, she says. Sound is a way to connect with joy and happiness and also pain and suffering, vulnerability, and uncertainty. In getting quiet together, and listening, we forge a connection, no matter where we are.

Auster shared some of the things that make her happy, and what shes doing to cope with the stress of the pandemic.

The perfect meal at home is anything made by my husband, Alex [Falk, who is also a sound therapist]. Hes an amazing chef.

If I were to buy a piece of art, it would be... Dissolve by James Turrell.

The best book Ive read in the last year is... The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker.

A passion of mine that few people know about is... collecting vinyl.

The thing that gets me up in the morning is... my work [and] my husband.

A person who inspired me to do what I do is my parents.

If I could have a drink with anybody, anywhere, it would be... I dont drink [but] if I dida scotch with [Zen philosopher and author] Alan Watts.

The one thing Im doing more of to help me get through this difficult time is adding an additional hour to my daily meditation practice.

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Worldwise: Sound Therapist Sara Austers Favorite Things - Barron's

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