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Posted: September 18, 2019 at 5:43 am

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Fear the Walking Dead

Talking Dead is getting ready to interview Fear the Walking Deads showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian B. Goldberg, and as it often does, asked its Twitter audience for questions for them.

Chambliss and Goldberg took over Fear in season 4, proceeded to kill off two central, fan-favorite characters and totally alter the tone and direction of the show from top to bottom in the next two years. Its gotten to the point where my colleague Erik Kain has called it one of the worst shows on TV, and while I havent seen literally every show on the air, it certainly has been a tremendous disappointment for two years now, especially because of how good the show was starting to get in season 3.

The Talking Dead call for questions reveals a fanbase that is similarly angry with Chambliss and Goldberg. I have gone through every reply through this tweet. 167 replies, and I have found maybetwo actual questions, and while literally every other question is something along the likes of:

@KevinRF45 - What does it feel to ruin a show that was amazing?

@EvenStevenYT - Are there talks behind the scenes about removing these two clowns of show runners?

@Kristy52694449 - Can we just have Dave Erickson back?

@GetGot01 - Do either of you realize how terrible this show has gotten under your writing and ideas?

@Mannyfresh3691 - Ask them if Madison is coming back? If the answer is no. Ask them to quit? @KimDickens should have never been killed off.

@Fawn_Liebowitz - Why did they hate #FearTWD so much that they had to destroy it with such awful writing and directing? Can they watch the show themselves without laughing hysterically? Do they possess an ounce of self awareness? Do they know how bad they are at running a show?

So uh, yeah, now multiply that by like thirty and you get the general idea.

It is rarely to see a fanbase this united against the current state of a show, and while I dont think personal attacks against Chambliss and Goldberg are the answer, I do think it is very clear that the show has gone in a poor direction under their leadership, and that a change is in order. And yet Fear has already been renewed for season 6 with both of them at the helm, so it appears that AMC does not agree with the majority of its fans.

Fear the Walking Dead

It does seem unlikely that former showrunner Dave Erickson will return to the show he helped create, as he reportedly to step down to make other shows for AMC which presumably hes busy with now. On the other hand, he probably isnt wild about whats been done to his creation and his characters, so never say never.

AMC has lately made rather good showrunner decisions over at The Walking Dead, putting Angela Kang for the shows best season in years, one that just took home a bunch of wins at the Saturn Awards. But the opposite has happened for Fear, as the show has just been a total void of quality ever since Chambliss and Goldberg took over with maybe 2-3 okay episodes out of the 29 or so total that have aired to date, with the rest being completely forgettable or outright terrible.

A change has to be made, and yet we already know we have to endure another full season of the show under its current leadership. Im not sure if Fear will outlive its showrunners, or the showrunners will outlive Fear at this point, but I do wonder just how long this can continue with the fanbase in open rebellion.

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Talking Dead Asks Fans For Questions For Fear The Walking Dead Showrunners, It Does Not Go Well - Forbes

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