Progressives, Fear the Return of the American Savage –

Posted: December 25, 2019 at 4:44 pm

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Western Chauv:I find the lack of self-awareness on the Left grimly fascinating. They dont recognize themselves in Hunger Games (Capitol City and undue urban influence over rural areas? Bueller? Anyone?

I mentioned in another post I had just rewatched much of the Star Wars Franchise. What was interesting to me was the Rebels in the movie series described themselves as the Resistance, which is the same phrase the Left in present day has also taken to describe themselves against Trump. The irony of course is that the Resistance in those movies are fighting for freedom and against Authoritarian Control and our Anti-Trump Resistance is fighting to snuff out all freedom and impose a draconian Elite driven Authoritarian government. It is more like we have created Empress Palpatine Hilary and Supreme Leader Snoke Obama, with their legion of stormtroopers led by General Comey and Mueller.

Todays Left cannot also describe themselves as the Rebels for they control almost all of government bureaucracy in the much of the country.

Also what is funny to me is how all these present day Leftists grew up cheering fighting for freedom and now fight for tyranny. The lack of self awareness of the glaring conflict between what they are preaching in concept and what they are practicing and supporting in real life is staggering.

To amplify that point, I have a conservative friend who paints what some might consider apocalyptical paintings and was in a show with a bunch of other artists recently in West Hollywood. In that show of course there were number of artists who had Anti-Trump messages in their paintings including this one street artist known for his OBEY posters that were ubiquitous for a while around LA. In their painting and other explanatory info was much railing against government control, fascism and how The Man is suppressing thought side by side angry comments about Trump and positive comments for Impeachment.

Again the disconnect was staggering. Both me and my friend commented h0w disconnected their message was from reality. But was also evident was how these artists had self regulated themselves against crossing the boundary that is the Progressive Narrative. No one crossed that line and one could see how their Art had diminished over time because their kind of art particularly demands one to address what is True and what is not to be relevant , but no one dared to confront the Truth of the present day and how Progressives are squeezing the life out of our freedoms. Not one dared to assert anything in their very political ranting and ravings that could be construed to be against the present day Progressive Resistance Message. All fell in line like brainwashed automatons ready, willing and able to crush the freedoms they once sought to protect.

Progressives, Fear the Return of the American Savage -

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