Police and protesters clash again after fires outside East Precinct and march in solidarity with Kenosha UPDATE – CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News

Posted: August 28, 2020 at 6:01 am

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The crowd earlier in the night before the march and fires (Image: @MarcusKulik)

Multiple small fires were reported burning outside and around the area of the East Precinct and booms could be heard through the neighborhood as police clashed with protesters following a night of marching and demonstration in solidarity with Kenosha, Wisconsin after another police shooting in America.

Police issued a dispersal order and moved on groups of demonstrators after the reported fires around 12th and Pine just before 11:45 PM. Seattle Fire was called to the scene. An ambulance was also dispatched to the precinct building for a person injured during the melee. Private security hired to protect nearby buildings but increasingly also on patrol around Pike/Pine at night were also part of the fracas and helped police trying to extinguish the flames of a bonfire set in the driveway of the East Precinct and another set in the middle of E Pike.

Earlier starting around 9 PM, a crowd of more than 100 marched from Cal Anderson to the East Precinct where they rallied and police reported graffiti and vandalism before the group made its way downtown and to the West Precinct.

According to police radio reports, a group of around 20 attempted to break into the E Pike Amazon Go and left the property damaged. There was also reports of vandalism at the East Precinct and the West Precinct.

UPDATE 8/25/20 6:45 AM: SPD reports one arrest:

Police began monitoring a protest that marched from Cal Anderson Park just after 9 PM Monday. The group made their way to the West Precinct where some individuals began hurling objects at the building causing minor damage and broken windows as well as painting graffiti on the walls. A nearby coffee shop also sustained some damage as some people smashed the plate glass windows. The group then made their way back east and continued to protest outside the East Precinct. Some individuals there climbed over a chain-link fence and set a fire next to the building. Police moved in and began issuing commands for the crowd to disperse and took one person into custody for investigation of arson. The group returned to Cal Anderson Park around midnight and dispersed from there. One officer was injured during the course of the protests.

Police also say someone threw multiple incendiary devices outside the offices of the Seattle Police Officer Guild union offices on 4th Ave S but it is unclear at this time if this incident is tied to the protests.

The crowds were reported returning to the area of Cal Anderson when the fire and explosions were reported.

The park has continued to be a center of activism and protest even as it remains temporarily closed according to the city. Groups of tents have again filled parts of the part and groups continue to use the park as a meeting place and even a training ground. Last week, neighbors reported groups dressed in all black practicing maneuvers on the Bobby Morris sports field and carrying wood shields like those used in Monday nights protest.

Mondays unrest in Seattle was part of nationwide protests and riots. Sunday, Kenosha police shot Jacob Blake in another instance of police violence against a Black man.

Friday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan vetoed legislation that would have cut a small portion of the citys police budget in what many hoped would be the start of a full defunding effort in Seattle after months of protest in the city.

UPDATE 8/25/2020 11:30 AM: The daily Morning March targeted north Capitol Hill Tuesday morning with an energetic march through the Stevens neighborhood and onto 15th Ave E where demonstrators called on passersby to join the crowd of dozens and the brigade of several vehicles and bicyclists providing protection to the march as it filled streets and intersections.

CORRECTION: When first posted, we incorrectly reported that Jacob Blake had been shot and killed. CHS apologizes for the error.

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Police and protesters clash again after fires outside East Precinct and march in solidarity with Kenosha UPDATE - CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News

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