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Masters Of The Universe is a hot land for Mattel because the early 80s, and the franchise keeps popping up in one form or another, to the day.

With a recently declared animated Netflix reboot show and a possible live-action movie in the works, it seems He-Man is not quite ready for the dust-bin of the background just yet.

Now were taking a look at the 5 smartest characters at the He-Man world, and we are ranking them out of brilliant, to genius-level! Time to take another journey back to Eternia!

Thats not entirely accurate, nor fair, although Orko is a bumbling buffoon. Orko is smartly lacking in self-awareness. This Trollan magician was exceptionally proficient however, the loss of a magic amulet prevented him from controlling his powers on Eternia, in which the laws of nature differ.

Intellectual or although not as educated as to the others on this listing, Orko was to foil a few of Skeletors plans, even going so far as to beat him in a battle of magic in the comic book collection.

Man-At-Arms adopted daughter Teela bears ill-temperament of a young kid and all of the rashness, but she is also an accomplished fighter and a master tactician to boot.

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This could have something related to her lineage, given shes the girl of the Sorceress of Grayskull.

Teela might not be a fountain of knowledge as a result of her childhood, but her quick wits, keen wisdom and common sense make up for this though she finds herself getting into trouble!

The fellow is named General, a master fighter, military tactician and Duncan in the Royal guard of Eternia. Hes one of just three who understand He-Man and Battle Cats identities, and his heritage with the Sorceress is complex and deep.

As a skilled inventor, Man-At-Arms is a technical genius. This intellectual art puts him a cut above many of his contemporaries while demonstrating how valuable he is to the team of heroes that the residents in Grayskull.

This thespian used his abilities to live in a universe that had shunned him, due to his distinctive ability to switch between three faces at will.

After escaping the will of Beast-Man to turn him into one of the henchmen of Skeletor, Man-E-Faces was welcomed into the Royal Court of Eternia to pursue his dream of acting.

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The 2002 reboot attracted his character, Though he does not feature in the 1980s TV series. Here, buffs were received by Man-E-Faces based on which face he took at any given moment.

Specifically, his robot face would provide a boost in prowess, even so much as to make him a boxing champion to him.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, although the primary hero himself may resemble a man lacking in grey matter.

He-Man is an enthusiast who would like to use his superhuman strength for functions. Hes also a calculated warrior who understands the significance of taking a step back and assessing a situation.

This has allowed one to avoid conflicts with seemingly dangerous threats, instead of using diplomacy and compromise to win daily.

He-Man also uses his intelligence to prevent occurring threats from harming others, such as volcanoes and lava flows. He-Man will constantly use his skills of perception and logic to overcome any issue, rather whenever possible.

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