Donald Trump Jr. lectured Joe Biden about conflicts of interest. It didnt go well – AlterNet

Posted: October 3, 2019 at 11:44 am

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Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. has the self-awareness of a sea pineapples sphincter. (Do sea pineapples have sphincters? Ill just say they do, because its 2019, and you can say whatever you want now, apparently. Go ahead, fake news. Fact-check me. I dare you.)

So the walking, talking conflict of interest whose father has spent the past three years turning the presidency into a carnival ring-toss game is super concerned about Joe Bidens ethics:

Why didnt @JoeBiden recuse himself from dealing with Ukraine?

His son was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company that had been investigated by the prosecutor who Joe pushed to be fired.

At the VERY LEAST, theres the appearance of impropriety. A clear conflict of interest.

Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) October 2, 2019

And, yeah, people noticed:


Rhonda Harbison (@rhonda_harbison) October 2, 2019

Wait. Didnt you meet with Russians to get dirt on Hillary?????

john chamberlain (@jrcjohnny99) October 2, 2019

Are all the Trumps genetically engineered to lack self-awareness?

Jeremy Ray Jenkins (@JeremyRJenkins) October 2, 2019

Junior, didnt your dear sister Ivanka receive dozens of trademarks from China when serving in the Trump administration? How much are those worth? Just curious

Chris Piekenbrock (@ChrisPiekenbro2) October 2, 2019

Why are foreign governments renting rooms at Trump properties and leaving them empty?

mrs morton (@ladyofliberty0) October 2, 2019

El Lobo (@__El_Lobo__) October 2, 2019

Why are you taking a $50,000 speaking fee for one speech at UofF, Jr?I mean, even Hunter Biden only made $50,000 for a months worth of work.

So your rate is much higher. We get it.

Christina Moore (@AddConfessions) October 2, 2019

Why doesnt your dad show us his tax returns?Why is he suing to keep his tax returns hidden?Why did he not divest from his businesses?Why are you and your sibs running his businesses?Why is he using his office to enrich himself?Why is he so spectacularly corrupt?

Hans Wiersma (@hwiers) October 2, 2019

And on and on and on and on and on into infinity.

I mean, the stink of corruption from the Trump administration and Trump Orgwill outlast the heat death of the universe, but lets all look at Joe Bidens son, okay?

Enjoy the impeachment inquiry, Jr. Its sure to be entertainingfor most of us, anyway.

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Donald Trump Jr. lectured Joe Biden about conflicts of interest. It didnt go well - AlterNet

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