Chef Kia Damon’s Concern for Her Community Will Feed Your Spirit – GQ Magazine

Posted: September 28, 2020 at 11:56 pm

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With her platform, Damon stands against the homophobia, racism, and misogyny that she sees in work and life. A just world, to me, looks like people with power, money, and access taking actual risks--not black squares, not lazy hiring just for diversity with no action plan of how to really change culture. Hard life lessons have taught her how we can be better to each other and given her purpose, and motivated her to share her success with others by acting as a driver for change in the industry. Thats what Courvoisier means by honoring your code, its all about taking the life lessons that ones learned through their own experiences and sharing that success with others. Damon knows she cant single handedly overhaul the culinary worlds moral failings or feed everyone whos hungry, but she can press forward on that path.

What else does a more just world look like to you?

My motto right now has been "Listen, if we can't do it right, don't do it." A just world is asking that question all the time. Can we do this without hurting people? Without people being without the funds to live? Can we do this without demeaning people? Without compromising our integrity? We can't keep operating out of this place where we see people as numbers, property, or liability. Damn near everything that was unchangeable has been changed. I would be enslaved, we wouldn't know how to read, and ain't nobody voting if things just had to be the way they were.

What advice would you give someone looking to break into your industry?

I've been very naive at times about who is and is not for me. I would say to find people that inspire you. You don't necessarily have to reach out to them, but find genuine people who inspire you, so that when you falter, you can look to them to get on the right track again, almost like a guiding light.

Food is a part of all of our lives and for many people, its easy to take for granted. What are some things we can do or ways we can think to value what we eat?

Right now, either [food] places are shut down, or people are putting their lives at risk because you want to get your favorite foods. It's a difficult time because you want to patronize and support people because you don't want their businesses to be gone. Then, also, you want to care about people's well being. In between that uncomfortable place, that rock and hard place, is thoughtfulness. We just have to practice a whole lot more thoughtfulness.

How do you honor your code?

I cultivate self-awareness. You can't honor your code if you don't know who you are. I remain true to myself.

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Chef Kia Damon's Concern for Her Community Will Feed Your Spirit - GQ Magazine

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